House II: The Second Story – Ethan Wiley

Ethan Wiley - House II: The Second Story  artwork

House II: The Second Story

Ethan Wiley

Genre: Horror

Price: $ 4.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: August 28, 1987

Jesse McLaughlin’s sitting on top of the world. He’s a talented artist with a growing career and a beautiful girlfriend. And he’s moving into a magnificent house. A very special house. A house which will plunge him into an incredible adventure…one where all of his dreams, fantasies and nightmares will be realized. He’ll meet his 175-year-old great-great grandfather, encounter a giant barbarian, confront a pterodactyl, discover a crystal skull with magical life-restoring powers and more. And he’ll be thrust into a life-and-death struggle, encountering things guaranteed to horrify and delight – all without ever leaving this house.

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