The new age of NHL broadcasting: How Burke, Mears and Faust are leading the way

Brendan Burke, Steve Mears and Alex Faust represent a talented new generation of NHL broadcasting. But the road to the booth isn’t always easy. – NHL

Maze – Stephen Burke

Stephen Burke - Maze  artwork


Stephen Burke

Genre: Thriller

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: March 22, 2019

Based on the incredible true story of the 1983 mass break-out of 38 IRA prisoners from the HMP Maze high security prison, Maze charts how inmate Larry Marley (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Avengers: Infinity War), engineered the largest European prison escape since World War II. Up against the most state-of-the-art and secure prison in the whole of Europe – a prison within a prison – Larry must coordinate with inmates across several cell blocks. While scheming his way towards pulling off this feat, Larry forms a close bond with prison warden Gordon Close (Barry Ward, Jimmy’s Hall). Both men are irrevocably changed by Larry’s ultimate betrayal of trust when the breakout takes place. As both the epicenter of an enduring conflict and the source of its eventual resolution, the story of Maze is the story of the Troubles themselves.

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Where the Heart Is – Darcy Burke

Darcy Burke - Where the Heart Is  artwork

Where the Heart Is

Darcy Burke

Genre: Contemporary

Publish Date: November 29, 2013

Publisher: Intrepid Reads

Seller: Darcy Burke

Home is more than a place . . .  Breaking free from her structured life, Chloe English quits her high-powered job and moves across the country to work as an art teacher. The simple life is all she hoped it would be until her house burns down, leaving her homeless. When a handsome firefighter swoops in to save the day, she can’t believe her luck. He’s laid-back and unassuming, everything she’s looking for in a man—or so he seems. It turns out he’s as ambitious as her ex, comes with a family who could be more stifling than hers, and harbors dark secrets he may never be able to share. Orphaned as a teenager, Derek Sumner has found a place in his best friend’s family. However, the love and support of his surrogate parents and siblings can’t erase the grief and loss he struggles every Christmas to banish. But this year he meets the fun and sexy Chloe, whose optimism and sense of joy are incredibly contagious. Can she help him face his bleak past so they can forge a happy future?

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Williams and Burke

Williams and Burke

Williams and Burke 4:23
Imagine John Williams’ scores from ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Jurassic Park’…But with LYRICS
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Saban: The Making of a Coach (Unabridged) – Monte Burke

Monte Burke - Saban: The Making of a Coach (Unabridged)  artwork

Saban: The Making of a Coach (Unabridged)

Monte Burke

Genre: Arts & Entertainment

Price: $ 23.95

Publish Date: August 4, 2015

© ℗ © 2015 Tantor Audio

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Cardinal Raymond Burke: Gays, Remarried Catholics Are Just As Sinful As Murderers

(RNS) When Pope Francis last year effectively demoted U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke by moving him out of a senior post in the Vatican to a largely ceremonial role as head of a Rome-based Catholic charity, it was viewed as a way to sideline one of the pontiff’s most outspoken critics on the right.

But the move seems to have left Burke free to air his conservative — and pointed — views on efforts to change church practices, not that he was ever terribly hesitant about speaking his mind.

Now the American churchman has spoken out again, telling an interviewer that gay couples and divorced and remarried Catholics who are trying to live good and faithful lives are still like “the person who murders someone and yet is kind to other people.”

“If you are living publicly in a state of mortal sin there isn’t any good act that you can perform that justifies that situation: the person remains in grave sin,” Burke said in an interview with LifeSiteNews, a U.S.-based web service focused on battling abortion and promoting other conservative causes.

“And to give the impression that somehow there’s something good about living in a state of grave sin is simply contrary to what the (Catholic) Church has always and everywhere taught,” said Burke, who spoke to LifeSiteNews in Rome.

Asked if being “kind” and “generous” and “dedicated” is enough, Burke replied: “Of course it’s not. It’s like the person who murders someone and yet is kind to other people.”

The lengthy interview was published on Tuesday (March 24).

On the surface, Burke’s comments break little theological ground; the church has always taught that sin is sin, and some sins are especially serious. For example, cohabitation, homosexual relations and adultery (which is how the Catholic Church views the relations of a couple who are divorced and remarried without annulling the first marriage) are viewed as mortal sins, as is murder.

But comparing those situations in any context is unusual, and certainly out of step with the pastoral tone that Francis has set in his papacy. Moreover, reformers argue that a murderer — or almost any other sinner — can go to confession, receive absolution, and take Communion in a state of grace. But there is no such option for a gay person or those who are divorced and remarried, except permanent celibacy.

The cardinal’s comments take on added weight in the context of the increasingly heated debate that Francis opened over how the church should respond to rapid changes in family life in the modern world.

The issues were heatedly debated at a global summit of bishops and cardinals at the Vatican last October, and the debates have continued as both sides jockey for position ahead of a follow-up synod this October. Those who back reforms in church practices and attitudes — especially toward gay couples and those who are divorced or cohabiting — are opposed by those who see any changes as tantamount to undermining doctrine.

During last fall’s synod, several high-ranking churchmen spoke about the lives of unmarried or remarried couples as having value that the church should recognize.

Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, for example, repeatedly stressed that the church should “look at the person and not the sexual orientation.” He cited the case of a gay couple he knew in which one partner cared for the other through a long-term illness in a way that was “exemplary. Full stop.”

Similarly, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, a senior adviser to Francis, said that “one simply cannot say that a faithful homosexual relationship that has held for decades is nothing.”

“We just mustn’t lump things together and measure everything with the same yardstick, but must differentiate and take a closer look, which doesn’t mean that I endorse homosexuality as a whole,” he said.

But such language sounded alarm bells for traditionalists like Burke, who after the synod was named to the largely ceremonial post of patron of the Order of the Knights of Malta. In his earlier post in the Roman Curia, Burke was automatically included in the synod discussions; he will probably not take part in this fall’s meeting.

In this latest interview, he repeated his earlier claims that reformers were manipulating the synod discussions and waging a media campaign “to justify extra-marital sexual relations and sexual acts between persons of the same sex” that would undermine church teaching.

Burke, 66, has raised eyebrows, and made headlines, with previous comments. Earlier this year, he argued that the church has become too “feminized” and he blamed the introduction of altar girls more than 20 years ago for the decline in vocations to the church’s all-male priesthood.

The cardinal also blamed gay clergy for the church’s sexual abuse crisis, saying priests “who were feminized and confused about their own sexual identity” were the ones who molested children.
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Need to File for a Divorce!

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