Rudolph: Garrett slur claim a ‘bold-faced lie’

Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph calls Myles Garrett’s claim he used a racial slur toward him “1000% false.” – NFL

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Sues Hillary Clinton for Defamation Over ‘Russian’ Claim

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard just slapped a lawsuit on Hillary Clinton, claiming the former Secretary of State attacked her character simply because Tulsi refused to back her in 2016. The current presidential Democratic candidate and Congresswoman claims in…


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Kim Kardashian Slams Claim She Bought North West John F. Kennedy’s Bloody Shirt

Kim KardashianThis is where Kim Kardashian draws the line.
In case you haven’t been keeping up, the Kardashian-Jenner clan loves to go big or go home for the holidays–especially when it comes to…

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Khloe Kardashian Confused by Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘Haven’t Talked’ Claim

Caitlyn Jenner saying she hasn’t talked to Khloe Kardashian in several years was a claim that completely blindsided Khloe. Sources connected to the situation tell TMZ … Khloe is genuinely confused by Caitlyn’s recent claim they haven’t talked in…


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‘Been a long time comin’: LSU stakes its claim to No. 1 by dethroning Alabama

The Tigers got past the Tide thanks to a coach and a QB — plus a hometown RB — who were made for each other. – TOP

Joshua Brown Murder Suspects ID’d, Cops Claim Drug Deal Gone Wrong

Three suspects have been identified in the murder of Joshua Brown — Botham Jean’s neighbor who testified against ex-cop Amber Guyger. Dallas PD held a press conference Tuesday saying that the three men were from Alexandria, LA and that they’d…


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‘Fleabag’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ claim top Emmy prizes on night of old and new

The Emmys smiled on repeat winners and second-year series in the comedy categories, delivering five of the six early prizes to Amazon. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Ariana Grande Cuts Ties With Celeb Photographer Marcus Hyde Over Model’s Nude Photo Claim

Ariana Grande, 2018 MTV Video Music AwardsAriana Grande has seemingly spoken out against celeb photographer Marcus Hyde, after a model accused him of bribing her for nude portraits.
On Sunday night, Los Angeles-based model…

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Amelia Earhart Mystery NOT Solved, Bloggers Claim Photo Predates Crash by 2 Years

The alleged Amelia Earhart photo featured in a new documentary about her disappearance does NOT solve the mystery … because the pic was taken before she crashed, according to history buffs. “Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence” claimed to have a photo,…


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Hollywood Music in Media Awards: ‘Hunting Ground,’ ‘Furious 7,’ ’50 Shades of Grey’ Claim Top Prizes

Diane Warren, angling for an eight nom and first win in the best original song Oscar category, won the best song in a doc prize for “‘Til It Happens to You,” on which she collaborated with Lady Gaga.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Hollywood Music in Media Awards: ‘Hunting Ground,’ ‘Furious 7,’ ’50 Shades of Grey’ Claim Top Prizes

“I usually lose stuff,” exclaimed a surprised Diane Warren, the seven-time best original song Oscar nominee/bridesmaid as she accepted the prize for… Music News

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Caitlyn Jenner — Victim’s Stepkids Claim Drugs May Have Made Her a Bad Driver

Caitlyn Jenner’s medications may have triggered her fatal car crash … so claim the stepchildren of the woman killed in the accident. The 2 stepkids filed legal docs in which they demand to know the meds Caitlyn was taking, saying they may have…


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‘Pawn Stars’ Producers Claim Fox News Network Execs Outed Gay Man in Reality TV Lawsuit

Was the reason given to cancel a show really an attempt to save face with executives?

read more

Hollywood Reporter

China Film Execs Claim ‘Terminator’ a Victim of Box-Office Fraud to Boost Propaganda Movie

The CEOs of Huayi Bros. and Bona, the country’s two largest private film companies, both sent out messages on social media suggesting malfeasance at Chinese cinemas.

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Hackers Claim To Dump Ashley Madison User Data Online

By Alastair Sharp and Josephine Mason

TORONTO, Aug 18 (Reuters) – Hackers dumped online personal details of more than a million users of infidelity website, tech websites reported on Tuesday, the latest high-profile cyber attack that threatens to wreak strife in relationships across the globe.

After threatening to release salacious details on as many as 37 million customers of the website, which uses the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” hackers claimed to publish a huge cache of email addresses and credit card data stolen in July.

Reuters was not immediately able to confirm the authenticity of the posting. Avid Life Media, which owns Ashley Madison and Established Men, widely described as a “sugar daddy site,” did not verify the data was real, but said it was aware of the claim.

The hackers used the dark web which is only accessible using a specialized browser.

Still within hours, thousands of email addresses from North America and Europe including many linked to corporations and universities sprouted up on other sites as people decrypted the database. It is possible to create an Ashley Madison account using someone else’s name and email.

The hackers have appointed themselves as “the moral judge, juror, and executioner, seeing fit to impose a personal notion of virtue on all of society,” the company said in a statement.

“These are illegitimate acts that have real consequences for innocent citizens who are simply going about their daily lives,” it said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating the theft alongside the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and local police, it said.

The hackers, who call themselves The Impact Team, leaked snippets of the compromised data in July and threatened to publish names and nude photos and sexual fantasies of customers unless Ashley Madison and another site owned by Avid Life were taken down.

“Avid Life Media has failed to take down Ashley Madison and Established Men,” tech website Wired quoted The Impact Team as saying in a statement accompanying the online dump.

“We have explained the fraud, deceit, and stupidity of ALM (Avid Life Media) and their members. Now everyone gets to see their data,” the hackers said, according to Wired.

Other higher-profile attacks such as those on big companies, like Sony Pictures Entertainment and Target, have seen credit card data of customers stolen, unleashing massive financial damage to individuals and companies.

But this data dump appeared to confirm that the hackers were not driven by blackmail or commercial motives, but rather ideological ones.

The intrusion into the private lives of individuals marked a watershed moment in cyber crime as the data spread across the web, said Ajay K. Sood, General Manager for Canada of cyber security firm FireEye Inc.

“These guys want as much notoriety as possible. This isn’t cyber terrorism. It’s cyber vigilantism,” he said.

Avid Life has said it is convinced the hackers were formerly connected to the company.

Still the dump was massive, according to Troy Hunt, a Microsoft security expert, who said more than 1 million unique email addresses were attached to payment records.

Wired said 9.7 gigabytes of data was posted, and appeared to include member account and credit card details.

Toronto-based cybersecurity firm Cycura, which was hired by Avid Life to investigate the attack, said it was not authorized to speak on the matter. (Reporting by Alastair Sharp and Josephine Mason; Editing by Alan Crosby)

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Bobbi Kristina — New Docs Claim BF Nick Gordon Drugged and Drowned Her

Bobbi Kristina died after her boyfriend gave her a toxic cocktail, and when she fell into unconsciousness he put her face down in the bathtub … so claims the lawyer who represents Bobbi Kristina’s estate.  The attorney filed a $ 40 million lawsuit…


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Judge Rejects False Advertising Claim in ’12 Years a Slave’ Soundtrack Lawsuit

The composer who is suing over Hans Zimmer’s score to the Oscar-winning film 12 Years a Slave has barely survived the first round, losing some of his… Music News

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UPS claim

I called UPS about an insurance claim I had filed on a package. I knew the automated voice response system wouldn’t be able to handle this issue so I
immediately said, “customer service.”

It did a little beep-boop-bop computing noise, and then insisted that I first pick from its menu, none of which items bore any resemblance to
insurance claims. I tried “track a package.” It recited the status, followed by “Can I help you with anything else?” I said, more insistently,
“customer service,” at which it complained that that was the most recent shipping information.

Exasperated–but a bit curious–I said, “STUPID MACHINE,” and after the little computing noise, it swiftly transferred me to customer service.

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Baggage Claim – Amanda Tru

Amanda Tru - Baggage Claim  artwork

Baggage Claim

Amanda Tru

Genre: Religious

Publish Date: June 3, 2014

Publisher: Walker Hammond Publishers

Seller: Draft2Digital, LLC

A lost suitcase leads to a heated kiss and a dangerous chase from which Rachel may not escape. Baggage Claim is Book 1 in the thrilling Christian Romantic Suspense, Tru Exceptions series . Montana native, Rachel Saunders, is looking forward to her all-expense paid weekend trip to New York. But, when her luggage is lost and she is accosted by an infuriating Homeland Security agent named Dawson Tate, events take a dangerous turn. Now, can she and Dawson must elude their enemies and prevent a terrorist attack before the bomb in their possession is detonated in the center of Manhattan–all while keeping their obvious attraction to one another in check? Find out in this Romantic Thriller. Also available in the Tru Exceptions series: Book 2: Mirage Book 3: Point of Origin

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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Ruby Rose — Fiancee Stakes Her Claim … She’s With Me, Ladies! (PHOTOS)

Ruby Rose, the smoking new star of “Orange is the New Black” … is breaking the hearts of all the men and women drooling over her — by flaunting her fiancee around town.  Rose and Phoebe Dahl – who got engaged a few months ago –…


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Ne-Yo Responds To Website’s Claim That Caitlyn Jenner Inspired Him To Come Out As Gay

Ne-Yo has responded to a report alleging that he was recently inspired to come out as gay after learning about Caitlyn Jenner’s journey.

In an article published earlier this week, the site quoted the R&B singer as stating:

“Bruce [sic] Jenner really gave me the inner strength to admit to my kids, my family, my friends, my fans and ultimately to myself that I am gay. I’ve known I was gay since I was a young boy that I was attracted to the other boys. As a black man, we fear gayness instead of embracing it. Watching Bruce, well Caitlyn, sit down with Dianne Sawyer on ABC really inspired me. Bruce [sic] is very brave and beautiful. As soon as he [sic] came out as transgendered [sic], she freed herself and thats the freedom I want.”

Though the website offered no source for the quote and provides a disclaimer that reads, “ is a combination of real shocking news and satire news. Please note that articles written on this site are for entertainment and satirical purposes only,” many took the quote at face value and believed it to be true.

Ne-Yo addressed the claim with a pair of tweets on Friday:

Although the singer mistakenly labels Jenner as gay, rather than transgender, hopefully the tweets can put the faux controversy to rest.

Ne-Yo has long faced rumors about his sexuality. In a 2009 interview with Essence, he said:

“Honestly, when I first heard that there were rumors out there about me being gay I thought, Wow someone must really hate me. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, but I just couldn’t understand why someone would make up lies like that. I remember speaking to Jay-Z about it and he was like, ‘Look, man you haven’t made it until someone says you’re gay.’”

The singer is currently promoting his latest album, “Non-Fiction,” and will play a concert with Ludacris on June 14 in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center.

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Dancer’s Michael Jackson Molestation Claim Dismissed By Judge

A man who claimed Michael Jackson sexually molested him over two decades ago has attempted a late creditor’s claim against the late entertainer’s estate. On Tuesday, a judge dismissed the charges filed by 32-year-old dancer, Wade Robson.

The case was overseen in Los Angeles Superior Court by Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who heard arguments on the case last month. As reported by, the Jackson estate’s motion to dismiss the case was successful and was bolstered by the fact Robson already testified under oath in 2005 that Jackson never touched him.

More from

Robson, 32, alleged Jackson molested him between 1990-97, though he testified in the singer’s 2005 child molestation trial — which involved another boy and ended with Jackson’s acquittal — that the entertainer did not abuse him.

Attorney Howard Weitzman, on behalf of the Jackson estate, today hailed Beckloff’s ruling.

“The court’s dismissal of Wade Robson’s claim against the estate of Michael Jackson confirms that his lawsuit was inappropriately filed,” Weitzman said. “Mr. Robson testified under oath in a courtroom that Michael never did anything improper with him. The estate believes his testimony was honest when his sole motivation was ‘to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”‘

Robson needed a judge’s permission to bring a late probate court claim because his court papers were filed in May 2013, nearly four years after the entertainer’s June 25, 2009, overdose death at age 50.

Robson claims that suppressed memories of the alleged molestation began to surface via a series of therapy sessions in 2012. Despite the ruling, Robson’s lawyers claim their client has rights to pursue a case against the estate.

Photo: WENN

The post Dancer’s Michael Jackson Molestation Claim Dismissed By Judge appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Emily Blunt calls Cannes flat shoe claim ‘very disappointing’

Cannes is abuzz with controversy over a claim women were turned away from a red carpet screening for wearing flat shoes instead of heels; actress Emily Blunt weights into the debate, calling the report “very disappointing”. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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Taraji P. Henson’s Son — Police Video Shoots Down Racial Profiling Claim

Taraji P. Henson says her son was racially profiled by cops on 2 different occasions — but police video of one of the incidents completely refutes that claim … because the officer could NOT have been nicer. The “Empire” star recently complained her…


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Darius McCrary — Ex-Wife Perjures Herself … Retracts Claim of Violence Against Son

Darius McCrary’s ex-wife says she lied when she swore under oath he beat his kid. Karrine “Superhead” Steffans filed legal docs — obtained by TMZ — admitting she perjured herself when she joined forces with Darius’ baby mama in a child support war over…


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Jags claim ex-Ravens RB Pierce on waivers

The Jacksonville Jaguars claimed running back Bernard Pierce off waivers from the Baltimore Ravens, who cut the fourth-year player on Wednesday following his DUI arrest. – NFL

Meet the Warholas: Andy Warhol’s Family Set to Claim Their 15 Minutes With New Documentary

A few years ago, in one of life’s truly happy accidents, I was introduced to a descendant of one of the world’s great artists at an opening in Washington, D.C. The next thing I knew I was in Europe sitting around a conference table with other members of the family who shared the famous name. It was an extraordinary visit, and one of the most interesting days of my life.

As someone who writes about art (or tries to, at least), I was transfixed listening to these very normal people talk about their very abnormal ancestry and its effect on their family members. I got to thinking about how very important these people are, how wonderful it is that they are among us, and how much they can teach us.

My new friends gently rebuffed my requests to go public with this extraordinary experience and though I haven’t given up on wanting to help them tell their story, I don’t think it’s going to happen. For they know the price of being “out there” — from misconceptions about family fortune to surrender of privacy and the ability to forge their own way — and they just aren’t up for it. And while it’s a shame, I can’t say that I blame them. At all.

Last week when I read that a relative of the late Andy Warhol was venturing to make Uncle Andy, a documentary about him “from the family’s perspective,” my imagination — and because this is something I’ve spent a lot of time time thinking about, my heart — was immediately captured.


So I reached out, of course, and found myself in a fantastic conversation with one Abby Warhola: 30-year-old granddaughter of Paul, oldest of the three Warhola brothers who passed away in January 2014. Abby lives in Pittsburgh, where most of the Warhola clan can still be found, with her partner Jesse and their 7-year-old daughter, Veva. And this is what she had to say about her project and her family:

CJ: Hi Abby! Where are you now and what are you doing?

AW: Hello! I’m at my grandmother’s house, Anne Warhola, Andy’s sister in law, who will be 91 this May. I stay with her three nights a week to help out. She is one of my favorites and I love interviewing her. She pulls no punches when talking about Uncle Andy and jokingly refers to him as being a pain in the ass…

CJ: You sure she’s joking?

AW: (laughs) I guess it depends on her mood. They had a typical brother-sister relationship.


Anne Warhola with her late husband Paul.

CJ: What’s it like being a Warhola, anyway? When did you first become aware of your interesting Uncle Andy?

AW: Well there’s never a dull or quiet moment when one of us are in the room! We are a very close-knit family who laughs a lot. I think as a whole we are a really eccentric and creative bunch. I don’t know if I was ever unaware, but once the Andy Warhol Museum opened in Pittsburgh, my life really changed. I had the chance to meet some of his famous friends, including Dennis Hopper, Lou Reed and Pee Wee Herman. It was pretty exciting.

CJ: The news of your film project has really caught fire in the last few days. Are you surprised by the reaction?

AW: For us, it has been a very surreal experience. It really confirms just how popular Andy has become. Within a week, the story was all over the world. I guess nothing is surprising when you’re talking about people being interested in Andy Warhol!

CJ: What do you do in real life? Is this your first film project?

AW: I do a little bit of everything. Primarily, I’m a photographer, but I’m also a designer and a letterpress printer. While I do shoot video, 16mm and super-8 film on various smaller projects, this is my first feature-length film.

CJ: So you are the one getting the attention at the moment, but this is actually a collaboration between you and your partner, Jesse, right? Tell us a little about him.

AW: Yes, Jesse and I are working on this together. He is a visual artist with a background in film. Jesse was really the one to push the idea of turning my family’s story into a documentary. I’m a little too close to it all, and honestly never thought it was something to pursue. It wasn’t until we started capturing these interviews that I realized how interesting my family really is.


Jesse, Abby & Veva

CJ: What made you and Jesse decide that now was the time? What does the broader Warhola family think of it?

AW: We’ve been filming for several years, but it wasn’t until my grandfather passed away in 2014 that we decided to push the project into a feature-length film. When his footage became finite, we felt the urgency to preserve it and create something bigger to honor both my grandfather and Uncle Andy’s legacies. My family is very supportive of the project. They are excited that someone within the family can finally share their unique story.

CJ: Is the museum or the foundation involved in any way?

AW: The Andy Warhol Museum has been very supportive! We have done some interviews and hope to work with them further. Since they are non-profit, they are unable to provide any financial support to commercial projects. The foundation has never had a relationship with the Paul Warhola family. Andy’s other brother, John Warhola, was involved with the foundation and Paul was not included in that relationship. Still, it is our understanding that the foundation was created to provide grants for contemporary artists, and since this film is about Warhol, it doesn’t fall within their guidelines of support anyway.

CJ: Tell me a bit about John and Paul. What did they think of their brother’s fame?

AW: Well, I can only speak for my grandfather, Paul. I didn’t really have a relationship with Uncle John. My grandfather might have been the proudest big brother in history. He absolutely loved telling Andy stories and actually saved every newspaper and magazine clipping that he saw.


Paul & Andy

CJ: My impression has always been that there was a real distance between Andy and his family. Is this correct?

AW: It was never that Andy was distant to his family, he just kept his two worlds very far apart. The family visited him in N.Y.C. about once a month for nearly three decades. Whenever the family would visit, he was very strict about them not visiting the Factory, or letting them see his more adult “colorful” films. He was protective of them and enjoyed their presence in the privacy of his home.


Warhola clan, circa 1945, Pittsburgh

CJ: What’s the family’s general take nowadays on things like Silver Car Crash recently selling for over $ 100 million?

AW: I don’t think the incredible numbers his paintings go for now fully compute with us. The family is very proud of what Uncle Andy has achieved, but at this point his global stardom has stretched beyond anything we could have ever imagined. It’s wild to think that just one of those paintings could have changed my entire family’s life for good…

CJ: You’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the film. Talk about that and why the decision to crowdfund?

AW: There’s a few things that appealed to us about Kickstarter. Raising funds this way empowers us to be completely independent and tell the story the way we know it. Another great aspect is the exposure you get from launching a campaign. We can say that the coverage on the project has truly blown us away. If anything, Kickstarter is a wonderful platform for getting the word out and discovering the people who are willing to support the project.

CJ: There is quite a bit out there at this point about Andy and his legacy — books, films, what have you — do you have any particular favorites?

AW: I actually haven’t read any books about him. I like to look at his picture books though. For instance I think Shoes, Shoes, Shoes is really just great. I loved Basquiat. David Bowie was my favorite Andy ever.

CJ: That movie was really great, wasn’t it? Some say that they never saw Andy happier than when Basquiat was in his life. And, yes, Bowie nailed it! And you should read Holy Terror by Bob Colacello. I’ll send you a copy!

AW: It really was a great! And please do send me a copy! I’ve heard from my uncle that it is a really great read.


Andy & Jean-Michel Basquiat

CJ: Speaking of Colacello, are you working with anyone from the Factory days on the film or is it strictly a family affair?

AW: So far, Billy Name and Gerard Malanga have graciously contributed their photography, most of which is from the Factory days. Great iconic Andy images. We intended to speak with them and others who were close enough to Andy to know how he lived outside of the limelight and factory scene. However, we feel that it will be the family’s stories that will reveal a layer to Warhol that has not yet been shared.

CJ: What is there to tell about Andy that hasn’t been told? What kinds of things can we look forward to learning and whom will we see in the film?

AW: Well it’s no secret that Andy was very guarded and trusted few people, and rightfully so, considering the many nefarious characters who were looking to gain something from him. The family was this small circle of people that Andy could trust and rely on for support. When he was shot in 1968, his eldest nephew Paulie took care of him during that time and recalls the way that experience profoundly changed Andy. It is within these stories that you begin to understand what made Warhol such a complicated and fascinating person. Without giving away too much about the film, we can say that the family’s memories touch on everything, from the good, the bad and even a bit of the ugly.

Uncle Andy: The Andy Warhol Family Film from Warhola Films on Vimeo.

CJ: So when is the Kickstarter deadline and do you feel like you are on track to raise what you need?

AW: The deadline is April 2nd at 6 p.m. eastern time. We currently have over $ 35k which is an encouraging start, but there still a long road ahead to achieve our goal of $ 175K.

CJ: I’ve noticed there are some wonderful and probably highly collectable rewards that come with different sponsorship levels as well. Discuss.

AW: Yes! This is the first time that the public has an opportunity to purchase Warhola family art! Much of the Warhola family shares this rare artistic talent. We are offering original silkscreens by Paul Warhola, and his works have been featured in galleries around the world. Since his passing there is only a limited number of these available. My Uncle James, who is known for Garbage Pail Kids, Mad Magazine, numerous Sci-Fi covers and illustrated children’s books, has offered signed copies of his books and even an original watercolor painting. My mother Madalen has contributed her beautiful Pysanky Ostrich Eggs, which she creates in the honor of the Warhola family tradition. My family is very proud of their Rusyn heritage and these eggs are truly one of the highlights.

CJ: Fantastic. Thank you for your time, Abby. This sounds like a very special project and I really wish you and Jesse the best with it. Keep us posted, ok?

AW: Absolutely. Thank you so much! We really appreciate you taking the time to hear about our project!

James and Jesse talk about the film. Music by Lukas Read from Warhola Films on Vimeo.

Photos courtesy of the Paul Warhola Family.
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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Steak Their Claim to Each Other … Again.

She loves me, she loves me not.She loves me, she loves me not.She loves me, she loves me not.She loves me, she loves me not.She loves me, she loves me not.Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had dinner Thursday at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Bev Hills.…


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Broncos Players Claim They’ll Really Miss John Fox’s Air Of Utter Confusion

Broncos Players Claim They’ll Really Miss John Fox’s Air Of Utter Confusion

The Onion

Bieber Bulge: Photoshop Claim Retracted

The site that wrote an article saying it had received and posted an alleged un-retouched photo of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad has issued a retraction.

Access Hollywood Latest News

Sony Hack Was Inside Job … Investigators Claim

The Sony Pictures hack was masterminded by a former Sony employee — at least partially — according to a security firm which is now refuting the FBI’s claim that North Korea was responsible. Cybersecurity firm Norse Corp says its identified six…


TMZ Celebrity News for Celebrity Justice

PSU edges BC in OT to claim Pinstripe Bowl

NEW YORK — Christian Hackenberg hit Kyle Carter for a 10-yard touchdown pass in overtime and Penn State kicked the extra point that Boston College could not, lifting the Nittany Lions to a 31-30 win in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl on Saturday night.

Romo-led Cowboys smack Colts, claim berth

Dallas ended a four-year playoff drought Sunday in a dominating 42-7 victory over the Colts, with Tony Romo throwing four touchdown passes and breaking Troy Aikman’s franchise record for yards passing. – NFL

Bobby Shmurda — ‘Driving Force’ In Murderous Gang … Prosecutors Claim

Rapper Bobby Shmurda was a “driving force” in a gang that committed murders and other violent crimes … this according to NY prosecutors.Prosecutors from the NYC Special Narcotics Office just released their indictment, claiming more than 15…


TMZ Celebrity News for Music

Benham Brothers Claim HGTV Was Bullied Into Axing Their Show

The twin Benham brothers appeared on CNN last night to discuss HGTV’s decision to ax their show, and the pair had some choice words for what they claim was bullying by the media in an effort to have their show cancelled.

David and Jason Benham lost their deal with HGTV for a new reality show that transforms fixer-uppers after their extreme anti-gay views became public knowledge. Flip Benham, their father, is an evangelical Christian minister and head of the protest group, Operation Save America, having protested things such as the Sandy Hook memorial and mosques. David Benham personally led a prayer rally outside of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, claiming “homosexuality and its agenda that is attacking the nation.”

“We love all people. I love homosexuals. I love Islam, Muslims, and my brother and I would never discriminate. Never have we — never would we,” David Benham said in the above clip. “Never have I ever spoken against homosexuals, as individuals, and gone against them. I speak about an agenda. And that’s really what the point of this is — is that there is an agenda that is seeking to silence the voices of men and women of faith.”

This isn’t the first time individuals working in TV have faced repercussions for their anti-gay views. Last December “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson made anti-gay comments in a GQ profile, leading A&E to suspend the star for a brief amount of time.

(h/t Towleroad)
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