Rich Homie Quan’s Drug Case in Georgia Dismissed

Rich Homie Quan is off the hook in his seemingly endless drug case. According to legal docs obtained by TMZ … the drug case against the rapper has been tossed. RHQ’s lawyer, Lucy Bell, tells TMZ it was dismissed due to a lack of evidence. Bell…


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Bobbi Kristina’s Boyfriend Nick Gordon Dies, Drug Overdose Suspected

'Sparkle' - Los Angeles Premiere

Source: Jason LaVeris / Getty

Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s late daughter Bobbi Kristina, has passed away. It is suspected his death was due to a drug overdose.

Reports TMZ:

Nick’s brother, Jack Walker Jr., shared the news Wednesday by writing, “GOD WHY I DID I HAVE TO LOSE MY BROTHER ON NEW YEARS,” and adding … “All I can do is cry.” He later shared a tribute post with several photos of himself with Nick.

It appears Gordon was hospitalized for a short time before his death … Walker says he was at his brother’s bedside and spoke to him in his final moments. Reports say Gordon died of a suspected drug overdose.

As you’ll recall … Gordon and a friend found Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter face down in a bathtub on January 31, 2015, and she was placed in an induced coma. Brown suffered irreversible brain damage and remained unresponsive, and passed way in hospice care on July 26, 2015.

Gordon, who as only 30, was held legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death.

The family sued Gordon for wrongful death and he was found guilty and ordered to pay $ 36 million to Brown’s estate, which the troubled man surely didn’t have anyway.

In early 2018, Gordon was arrested for allegedly putting hands on his girlfriend. He had also been arrested for domestic violence the year prior, but the case was dropped after the alleged victim refused to cooperate.

It has been alleged that Gordon also abused Bobbi Kristina. Reportedly, he had moved to Orlando in the last few months.

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Suns’ Ayton gets 25 games for failed drug test

Suns center Deandre Ayton has been suspended 25 games for violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy with a positive test for a diuretic, the league announced Thursday. – TOP

Angels reps aware of Skaggs’ drug use, DEA told

A Los Angeles Angels employee told federal investigators that he provided oxycodone to Tyler Skaggs and abused it with him for years, and also that two team officials were told about Skaggs’ drug use long before his death, sources told ESPN. – TOP

Joshua Brown Murder Suspects ID’d, Cops Claim Drug Deal Gone Wrong

Three suspects have been identified in the murder of Joshua Brown — Botham Jean’s neighbor who testified against ex-cop Amber Guyger. Dallas PD held a press conference Tuesday saying that the three men were from Alexandria, LA and that they’d…


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Mac Miller’s Alleged Drug Dealer Charged for Supplying Deadly Pills

Pettit has been ordered to be held without bond. He is set to be arraigned on October 11. Mac Miller was supplied deadly, fentanyl-laced pills that directly contributed to his death — according to federal prosecutors, who just filed charges…


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This Pharmaceutical Czar Promised To Lower The Price Of A Lifesaving AIDS Drug — But Nothing’s Changed

Two weeks after pharma CEO Martin Shkreli promised to make a lifesaving AIDS drug affordable, nothing’s changed.

The One Thing You Must Do to Stop Enabling a Drug Abuser

In the video above, Dr. Phil shares his message for a mom, Constance, whose 29-year-old daughter, Candice, admits to using drugs on a regular basis. But it’s really a wake-up call for anyone who could be enabling a drug abuser. 

Are You Enabling An Addict? 11 Questions To Ask 

“Let’s be honest with each other because I really want to make a change in her life: You’re giving her money, and you know damn well she’s going to spend it on drugs,” Dr. Phil tells Constance, referring to Candice, who is unemployed and lives with her mother. 

Dr. Phil continues, “Here’s a very simple solution: You don’t give a drug addict cash. I don’t care if they say, ‘My hair is on fire, I need an extinguisher.’ You don’t give a drug addict cash.”

Watch more of this mother/daughter struggle on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, called “My Daughter Is A Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Egomaniacal, Drug-Addicted Liar and Thief.”

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Why the FDA, Kim Kardashian, and a Morning Sickness Drug Are All Connected in an Instagram Scandal

It's certainly nothing new to hear about a Kardashian endorsing a product, but when it comes to prescription drugs, even celebrities have to follow the same type of protocol (disclosing all potential risks and important…

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Snoop Passes Swedish Police’s Drug Test Like A Boss

After a concert in Uppsala, Sweden, police arrested him to drug test him, so he narrated the experience on Instagram. They found nothing, he says, and so he proceeded on his tour to Georgia.
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Macklemore Reveals Drug Relapse

The rapper started taking pills and smoking marijuana again last year. Find out what prompted him to get sober.
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2 women dead from suspected drug overdoses at music fest

POMONA, Calif. (AP) — Two women died from suspected drug overdoses at a popular weekend music festival, prompting calls for an investigation and concern over the use of narcotics at youth-oriented events.
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Twitter War Between Donald Trump And El Chapo, The Escaped Mexican Drug Lord

Twitter War Between Donald Trump And El Chapo, The Escaped Mexican Drug Lord

Twitter War Between Donald Trump And …
Donald Trump has found the perfect foil on Twitter: an escaped Mexican drug lord.
Submitted by: Pat O’Brien
Keywords: donald trump trump twitter mexican drug lord el chapo guzman @ElChap0Guzman trump mexicans trump racist trump presidential run melania trump prison escape trump FBI
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Footage Of Drug Lord El Chapo’s Prison Escape Hits The Net (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s escape from a Mexican prison has been front page news for the past week. Even Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed the drug lord breaking out of the maximum-security facility.

[ALSO READ: Meek Mill Offers A Warning To Donald Trump About El Chapo]

Surveillance footage of the moments before El Chapo crawled through a mile-long tunnel has been released. In the clip, the head of the Sinaloa Cartel organized crime syndicate can be seen going into the shower area of his cell. He then disappears off camera.

This is not the first time El Chapo has broken out of prison. He also escaped incarceration in 2001 and later arrested in 2014. Guzman was suspected of receiving help from prison authorities in both cases. The Mexican government is offering a $ 3.8 million reward for information that leads to his arrest.

[ALSO READ: Casino – “El Chapo” ft. Future & Young Scooter]

Watch the video of El Chapo’s escape below.

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T.I. “Project Steps,” Rick Ross “Neighborhood Drug Dealer” & More | Daily Visuals 6.26.15

T.I. puts himself on time-out from his reality TV dad side hustle to get back on his former primary grind: dropping bars. The self-proclaimed King of The South steps out of the castle over the bridge and takes court on the block to remind the game that ain’t nothing changed but the pockets obesity when it comes to this proud Bankhead alumni on “Project Steps.”

And Rick Ross links up with Future to let you know he isn’t a soldier, boy! He’s also a ambitious street pharmacist turned rapper on the remix to “Neighborhood Drug Dealer.”

Check the rest of the day’s releases which include work from Slim Thug, Kxng Crooked, Gunplay, and Troy Ave. Yes, he’s still following his dream. Applaud that man.






















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NYPD Take Down Coke Delivery Service & Open-Air Market Drug Rings

NYPD announced the takedown of two major drug ring operations in the Washington Heights section of New York. An open-air crack and heroin market and a cocaine delivery service were the operations that were shut down, leading to the indictment of 35 individuals.

Gothamist reported on the announcement of the arrests, with police stating the busts were traced back to the Trinitarios, an internationally-recognized Dominican gang that began on the Rikers Island prison.  Gothamist reported in detail about the arrests, and it appears the drug operations had some manner of cooperative connection.

From Gothamist:

 Cops accuse Edickson “Gordo” Garcia, Melvin Beltre, and Garis Retances of managing the product and overseeing 18 suspected street-level dealers who allegedly did much of their work near W. 177th Street and Audubon Avenue, a half-block from PS 115.

The group allegedly did most of its business selling crack, but during the course of the year and a half investigation, suspects allegedly provided customers with heroin samples, got them hooked, and began offering smack on a regular basis as well. A second distribution area, allegedly overseen by Garcia and four other suspects, operated on Audubon between 178th and 179th streets, prosecutors said.

In a separate indictment, also announced today, 11 suspects allegedly did $ 75,000 in delivery orders of powder cocaine over the course of six months. Twenty-nine-year-old Roberto Garcia is accused of supervising the ring, operated out of a St. Nicholas Avenue apartment, with his aunt Nancy Garcia Mustafa, 53.

Gothamist writes that 32 of the 35 indicted individuals are now arrested. Edickson Garcia faces a possible 33 felonies while Roberto Garcia and his aunt are facing kingpin charges that could land them 15 years to life in prison among other charges.

Photo: Valerie Everett / Foter / CC BY-SA

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Go inside Mexico’s drug war with “Cartel Land”

The maker of the documentary hopes it will spark a productive dialogue about the drug wars in the Latin country. Alicia Powell reports.

Reuters Video: Entertainment

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News in Brief: Report Finds Drug Tunnels Most Intact Transport Infrastructure In U.S.

ARLINGTON, VA—Touting the extensive safety precautions, routine maintenance, and limited congestion, a report published Friday by the American Transportation Research Institute revealed that drug tunnels are now the most intact and reliable form of transport infrastructure in the United States. “The nation’s drug-smuggling tunnels have benefited from large-scale investments in new technology, high-quality materials, and regular repairs, leaving them in far better condition than U.S. railways, ports, bridges, and interstates,” the report read in part, which praised the state-of-the-art rail systems in many tunnels for efficiently ferrying narcotics with few, if any, malfunctions. “With advanced ventilation systems to keep fresh air circulating and well-lit passages to prevent accidents, these tunnels are a modern engineering feat, the likes of which are virtually unseen elsewhere in the U.S. transit network.” The report concluded by noting that, with scores of new construction projects underway, U.S. drug tunnels are …

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Young Buck — It’s Snoop Dogg’s Fault I Faked My Drug Test!

Young Buck couldn’t resist smoking weed with Snoop Dogg while on probation … and now the G-Unit rapper is facing more jail time for faking a mandatory drug test.  Buck literally got busted with his pants down according to a probation…


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“Sicario” with FBI agent Blunt brings drug violence to Cannes

Canadian director Denis Villeneuve brings subject of the brutality of the Mexican drug trade and the complicity of users in the violence that feeds their habits to Cannes with new film “Sicario”. Rough cut (no reporter narration).

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Satirical Commercial for Drug Known as Flaccidone

You’ve reached the age when you know a thing or two. You know how to be a silver fox. Just look at you. You’re wearing a fleece, so it must be chilly out, yet somehow your skin is tanned. And your pearly white teeth match your hair. Was that intentional? It doesn’t matter — it works. You know how to stare off at the horizon, and look damn good doing it. You know how to stand in front of the Washington Monument, and now the Eiffel Tower, and now the Space Needle, and now the Old Faithful Geyser. You, obviously, know how to travel fast. You know how to wield a variety of power tools: drill, grinder, and that buzzing chainsaw. You know how to hold that baseball bat at an upward angle by your waist. What you don’t know, is how to get an erection.

Is it because your wife doesn’t look like she used to? Or is she just not trying anymore? Is your own biology to blame? Hard to say. What isn’t hard, is you.

Flaccidone is here to help. It’ll help you rise above Mount O-limp-us. It’ll help your Willy Wonk her. It’ll give your floppy some drive.

Five out of six doctors deny ever needing to take Flaccidone, but that’s because two of the doctors are women and the rest are filthy liars.

Do not take Flaccidone if you take any other medication or if you expect you might have surgery in the next decade. Do not take Flaccidone if you’ve ever had a headache. Do not take Flaccidone if you are over the age of 85, because that’s just gross. Do not take it if you didn’t get at least seven hours of restful sleep the night before.

If your erection persists for more than four hours, my god, roll over and seek medical attention. But three and a half hours is normal. If one of your fantasies includes lasting through the entirety of James Cameron’s Titanic, this is good news for you (bad news for her). But if you have errands to run, you might find yourself between a rock and your hard place.

Common side effects include nausea, loss of vision, fatigue, heart attack, flatulence, breast growth, divorce, Benjamin Button syndrome, pant-ripping, creepiness, and death — but you’re old and probably about to die anyway. Could there be a better way to go?

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Robots Read News – New Miracle Drug

If your firewall is blocking the image, see it on Twitter here.

Humor Dimensions: recognition, cleverness, bizarre, cruel

Predicted sharing: Medium-high because the “people are dumb” idea always travels. No disqualifying concepts and safe for work.

On Top Tech Blog:

Here come 3D holograms that float in the air without special glasses. I plan to leave a hologram behind when I die, like Obi Wan Kenobi, just to freak people out. Or perhaps I will port my personality to software and have the computer generate my 3D hologram when needed. Good luck getting rid of me!!! BUWHAHAHAHA!

How about a smart bullet that changes direction in flight to chase a target? Can I shoot down my neighbor’s drone with that bullet? And more importantly, will my hologram ever be able to shoot that gun?

And how about bionic eyes for blind folks? Here they come.




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Former AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Pleads Guilty to Threatening to Kill, Drug Possession

The maximum sentence for threatening to kill is seven years in jail.

read more


Jarret Stoll — Partying with Kings Teammates … During Vegas Drug Arrest

Jarret Stoll had been raging in Vegas with several of his L.A. Kings teammates in the hours before the NHL star was busted for trying to bring a BUNCH of cocaine and molly to a pool party … TMZ Sports has learned.  Multiple sources confirm … the…


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AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Pleads Guilty To Drug And Murder Threats Charges

His dirty deeds are done, but weren’t cheap.

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleaded guilty Monday to charges that he threatened to murder two people and possessed methamphetamine, according to the New Zealand Herald. Earlier in December, he had pleaded not guilty to the threats charges, as well as charges that he had methamphetamine and 130 grams of marijuana on him when he was arrested.

His home in Tauranga, New Zealand was raided on Nov. 6 last year after he called a man and his daughter, and threatened to kill them. Police initially accused the 60-year-old rock star of masterminding a murder plot against the pair, but dropped that charge the next day.

It wasn’t immediately clear why he changed his plea. The Herald reports that he was silent in court Monday, except to enter his plea, and didn’t respond to questions outside the courthouse. He’ll be sentenced on June 26.

The paper reports:

AC/DC are meanwhile set to play in New Zealand in December with their Rock or Bust World Tour, and Rudd has signaled that he wants his place in the band back.

“I’m going back to work with AC/DC, and I don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t,” he told TVNZ in December.

“I want my job back, I want my reputation back and I’m gonna get it back. I’m gonna f**king take it back.”

— This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a website.

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Members of Migos Arrested For Felony Drug, Gun Posession

Atlanta rap trio Migos were performing Saturday night (April 18) in Georgia when police arrived on the scene, cutting the show short. In the end, two members of the group now face felony charges along with a host of other issues.

TMZ got the exclusive scoop on the Migos bust, which occurred as the crew was performing at Georgia Southern University’s Spring Bling concert. The scene changed after eyewitnesses say police shuttled the rappers and other crew members off the stage where they awaiting some grilling from investigators.

TMZ writes:

We’re told all 3 members of Migos left the stage — along with a posse that was at least 15 deep — and they were all questioned by cops.

Two members okf Migos — Quavo and Offset — got popped for felony possession of a schedule 1 narcotic, including cocaine, Oxycontin and codeine. They were were also arrested for carrying a loaded gun on school property, also a felony, and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

The Bulloch County Sheriff’s department made multiple arrests, and the suspects are currently being processed at the jail.

TMZ says it reached out to management for Migos, but has yet to receive any word.

Photo: TMZ

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New Drug Flakka Causes Fear And Super Human Strength

We are wondering if Waka Flocka inspired this new drug, but the spelling of it makes it a bit dubious. Nevertheless, Flakka is the latest “thing” on the streets hand it has recently caused quite a stir. Most recently, a Florida man ran away from police, apparently fearful for his life. Was he scared of the police? No. The Flakka gave him the notion in his cerebellum that he was being pursued by killers. He stripped down naked and streaked through the streets. (Sometimes Flakka is spelled Flocka by the way.)

Another man on Flakka tries to break IN the police precinct.

Another Miami man impaled himself while trying to climb a fence.

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‘Empire’ Star Malik Yoba — I Found the Guy Behind False Drug Rumors … He Better Apologize! (VIDEO)

[[tmz:video id=”0_26l92lb5″]] “Empire” star Malik Yoba is shooting down the rumors he was fired from the hit show because he was abusing drugs — and he’s getting an apology from the guy who spread the rumor in the first place. Malik came on TMZ…


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Watch How A 32-Year-Old Drug Addict Gets Through The Day (VIDEO)

Tony, who spent 38 months in prison for trafficking drugs and says he’s now a drug addict, lets Dr. Phil’s cameras follow him as he serves his demons — even behind the wheel.

Need Dr. Phil’s help in your life? Share your story here.

Like Dr. Phil | Follow Dr. Phil | Be on the Show

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1D drug test call in Philippines

UK boyband One Direction faces demands for drug tests in the Philippines. Paul Chapman reports.
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Pacquiao adviser: Floyd nixes $5M drug fine

Michael Koncz, Manny Pacquiao’s adviser, told Thursday that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has declined to agree to terms for a penalty that would cost either man $ 5 million in the event in the event of a failed drug test before or after their May 2 fight.

Lupe Fiasco Explores Relationship Between Drug Addicted Mother And Son In New Video: Watch

Lupe Fiasco explores relationship between drug addicted mother and her hard working son in ‘Madonna’ video.

Chinese Actor Wang Xuebing Arrested on Drug Charges

As the country’s crackdown on vices continues, Wang’s latest film, ‘A Fool,’ could face trouble.

read more


Jackie Chan’s Son Sentenced To 6 Months For Drug Offense

The son of actor Jackie Chan pleaded guilty in a Beijing court Friday to providing a venue for drug users and was sentenced to six months in prison, following a major crackdown on illegal drugs in …

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Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty – Angus MacQueen & Guillermo Galdos

Angus MacQueen & Guillermo Galdos - Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty  artwork

Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty

Angus MacQueen & Guillermo Galdos

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 12.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: November 14, 2014

From the producer of SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN and MAN ON WIRE, follow two documentary filmmakers on their manhunt to find Mexico’s most notorious and wanted drug lord, Shorty: a latter-day Robin Hood to some, and Public Enemy No. 1 to others.

© © 2013 AIM FILMS Ltd & BFI, Channel 4 Television Corporation, WGBH

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Electric Zoo Drug Deaths Spur More Drug-Screening Measures (Report)

After last year’s Electric Zoo festival was overshadowed by drug overdoses, which led organizers to cancel the final day of the Randall’s Island… Music News

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