Politicians Whose Pop Culture Ignorance Is Real (And Hilariously) Clear

By Alex Hanton  Published: March 28th, 2020 

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Simon Cowell Fan Hilariously Gushes Over Him After 60th Birthday Dinner

Simon Cowell appeared to have a wonderful time at his 60th birthday dinner, but nothing like the joy of a superfan — a woman who shook off a crappy day at work to celebrate her hero. The “America’s Got Talent” judge was feeling the love from the…


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Watch Ryan Reynolds Attempt (and Hilariously Fail) to Build an Ikea Crib

Navigating fatherhood has had its share of challenges for Ryan Reynolds since he welcomed his daughter, James, with Blake Lively in January. (Not every moment can be as sweet as this Instagram of her!) No…

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Watch Britney Spears Hilariously Tell All Men To ‘Suck My Toe!’

Britney Spears told men to suck her toe during a hilarious rant about being single.

Slandergeddon: Twitter Hilariously Cooks Meek Mill After Drake Diss [Photo]

Meek Mill‘s plan of discrediting Drake isn’t going as well as he’d hoped. In fact, after finally dropping his own diss record, “Wanna Know”, Black Twitter, and most every other Twitter, has dialed up the slander against the Philly rapper exponentially. 

The complete lack of chill displayed on the Internets is astounding. Peep the best below and on the following pages.

Also, early word is Drake is dropping another song tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.56.21 AM

Instagram Photo

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Hip-Hop Wired

See the TODAY anchors make hilariously cheesy cameos in ‘Sharknado 3’

As Matt Lauer put it, “I’ve never gotten more response to anything in my 20-something-year career at the TODAY show than ‘Sharknado 2.'”

TODAY Pop Culture

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Watch ‘OITNB’ Stars Hilariously React To Sexist Interview Questions

Uzo Aduba, Natasha Lyonne and Samira Wiley know exactly how to answer some very boring and very sexist interview questions.

The three “Orange Is The New Black” stars sat down with Brazilian comedian Rafael Cortez on June 15 at a Netflix junket and reacted to his sexist questions like the champs that they are. From Aduba’s face to Lyonne’s fierce response to a seriously sexist question — it’s clear these ladies don’t take sh*t from anyone.

Telling by their faces, the women were a bit taken aback at first:

Cortez begins the interview by asking Aduba if she thinks the series needs “a guy inside the jail with [her] doing things that just one guy can be able to do.” When Aduba quickly points out that there are indeed men in the show, Cortez replies: “No I mean guys, men, roar! Do you see my muscles? Would you like to see?” To which she says, “No.”

He continues on his weird, sexist, ambiguously satirical interview when he asked Lyonne and Wiley if their beauty gets in the way of their work. Lyonne was definitely having some trouble answering the question — or for that matter, believing it was even real. “I feel like [the question] is accidentally maybe a little bit misogynistic,” she told Cortez.

“Despite great beauty on the show, everybody is professional and talented and very capable,” Lyonne went on. “So I don’t think that really anybody is really thinking about something as meaningless as their beauty when they’re at work or certainly not this show.”

Shut. Down.

H/T Cosmopolitan

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Watching Porn With Porn Stars Is As Hilariously Awkward As You’d Expect

Apparently, porn stars call it a “pee-pee” too.

That’s just one takeaway from a video produced by BuzzFeed showing regular people watch adult videos with the stars performing in them. The result is some delightfully awkward conversation and comments from the non-porn stars, notably:

“How well do you know these guys?”

“Look how much you’re sweating.”

“Alright, well that was a thing we did.”

Ultimately, the Average Joe viewers agreed that watching alongside the actors wasn’t as uncomfortable as they expected and that learning behind-the-scenes details about how the films are created was pretty fascinating.

Watch the video above to enjoy each of the interactions in all their cringeworthy glory — and yes, this is totally safe for work.

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Chris Pratt Hilariously Shows Off the British Accent He Picked Up From England’s Version of Jersey Shore: Watch Now!

Chris Pratt, Graham Norton ShowTo be honest, Chris Pratt could have just sat quietly for two minutes and we’d be urging you to watch—but this is actually really extra-cute!

During an appearance on The Graham…

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Watch Moms Take A Lie Detector Test And Answer Their Kids’ Hilariously Awkward Questions

These kids gave their moms a lie detector test and had them answer a bunch of questions about sex and drugs. Happy Mother’s Day?

‘Puppies Are Dicks’ Hilariously Makes The Case That Old Dogs Rule

Let’s get something straight: we aren’t the ones dissing puppies here. That’s Eric and Sara Sims, authors of the new book “Puppies Are Dicks: Adopt An Older Dog.”

puppies are dicks

But we have to admit, the pair make a hilariously compelling case. Not just for why puppies are — as they put it in the book — “8 pound dicks,” but also why puppy mills are evil and pet adopters should open their hearts to a pooch with a few years under his or her collar.

puppies are dicks
Illustration by Jason Barnes

Eric Sims, a producer for the TV show “Archer,” says he and his speech pathologist wife came up with the idea for the book while drunk-watching a “Golden Girls” marathon, with their own blended family of three cats and two dogs.

“It’s like the Brady Bunch only way smellier,” he says. “The biggest inspirations were our older dogs Penny and Riley, who are f’ing awesome. They are so laid back and funny.”

puppies are dicks
Illustration by Jason Barnes

Older dogs come with other appealing qualities, too, like being house trained and calm, and “they love to eat spiders for some reason, which helps, kinda. Oh, and also their teeth look like candy corn, which is festive,” Sims says.

In other words, no one’s trading entirely in the world of facts here.

puppies are dicks
Illustration by Jason Barnes

Sims and his wife self-published the book, which contains illustrations by Jason Barnes. Sims’ next literary adventures also involve a saucy look at animals who are, at times, misunderstood.

“I’m writing a book titled ‘Fuck You Cat, I Love You’ about the abusive relationship I’m in with my cat, Waffles,” he says. “Also, there is a weird phenomenon of people not adopting all black animals for some reason. So, I’m writing a book titled ‘Why Won’t You Adopt Me, ‘Cause I’m Black?'”

A third project, which is unrelated to shelter pets but undoubtedly still eye-opening, is a scratch-and-sniff celebrity book that’s “currently untitled.”

puppies are dicks
Illustration by Jason Barnes

“Puppies Are Dicks,” meantime, does have a very serious aim: getting folks to think about adopting a canine companion who’s already been around the block a few times, and might be having a hard time making it out of the shelter.

“I personally love it when a dog has the grey face and milky eyes of, say, an Ernest Borgnine. So cute,” Sims says. “We’re hoping that people will read ‘Puppies Are Dicks,’ laugh, learn a thing or two, and share its message with their friends and family simply because it’s a fun read.”

“Puppies Are Dicks” is available for purchase on Amazon, with a portion of the proceeds designated for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Older dogs are available for adoption at your local shelter.

Get in touch at arin.greenwood@huffingtonpost.com if you have an animal story to share!
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Man Writes Hilariously Civilized Letter To Newspaper Thief — And Gets Results

Newspaper thieves, you better hope your victim is as civilized as Richard Nagler.

After more than a decade of having his Wall Street Journal stolen in Berkeley, California, Nagler caught his bandit in the act this month on a newly installed surveillance camera, news website Berkeleyside reported.

But instead of seeking justice, Nagler wrote the thief just about the sweetest, smartest and funniest note any thief could hope to ever get. And he placed it outside his Skylight & Sun business where the paper is delivered.

berkeley letter

Nagler told The Huffington Post that his missive — which became “the note read round the world” — got results.

“Since he read the note, the ‘perp’ has stopped his perping,” Nagler said. “I have gotten the WSJ every day since. The problem I now have is reading the damn things. They are starting to pile up like my New Yorkers and other guilt-inducing subscriptions. I may have to hire a designated reader.”

Nagler said the letter perhaps “reinforces people’s stereotypes of Berkeley, good and bad,” but there’s a method to his politeness: “It’s conflict resolution without the conflict.”
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Kim Kardashian Emailed Kris Jenner Some Hilariously Harsh Style Advice

Every so often Kris Jenner is spotted wearing something that definitely came from one of her daughters’ overflowing closets, and it turns out there’s a good reason Jenner is sometimes referred to as the fourth Kardashian sister: her children encourage it.

Proof of such encouragement can be found in this hilariously harsh email from Jenner’s admittedly “favorite” daughter Kim Kardashian, which the 59-year-old posted to Instagram on Friday:

For reference, here’s the outfit that just wasn’t up to Kim’s standards:

kris jenner

Kim isn’t the only one to notice her mother’s love of a Peter Pan collar, but no one else will tell you the cold, hard truth like family. And no one besides Kim K will let you know when it’s enough with this “omish shit.”

Style – The Huffington Post
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Elaine Dance Contest At Baseball Game Is As Hilariously, Painfully Awkward As ‘Seinfeld’ Episode

There aren’t many contests where the worst dancer wins, but that was the case Saturday night at the Brooklyn Cyclones game in New York.

The team honored the 25th anniversary of “Seinfeld” with a “Salute To Seinfeld Night” featuring an information table for fans to “air grievances,” a mailman throwing the first ceremonial pitch, and an Elaine Dancing Contest.

If someone tells you that you dance like Elaine, it’s not a compliment. As “Seinfeld” fans fondly remember, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character “Elaine” had a talent for throwing toupees out of windows and determining which boyfriends were “sponge-worthy,” but she was a terrible, horrible, awful dancer.

Check out the videos below to see the wretched dancing attempts:

And in case you were under a rock in 1996 or more of a “Friends” fan, here is the original best/worst dancer ever:

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