DaBaby Sues Promoter, Says He Bailed On Gig Over Lack of Security

DaBaby is firing back at the promoters who sued him for bailing on a show … he’s now suing them, and claiming the reason he never took the stage was over a lack of security. According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ … DaBaby is suing Nothing…


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Jay Gruden laments injuries, lack of ‘total say’

Jay Gruden, speaking to ESPN on Monday, said he “loved every minute” as Washington’s head coach but acknowledged the frustration that came with the mounting injuries and lack of full organizational control.
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Braves critical of Acuna’s lack of hustle in loss

Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. failed to run out a ball he hit off the wall in the seventh inning and had to settle for a single.
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Adidas Responds to Article Highlighting a Lack of Diversity in the North American Corporate Office

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT: In the wake of a New York Times article that highlighted the lack of diversity at Adidas’ North American headquarters in Portland, Ore., the athletic company acknowledged “there is much more work to be done, and we are committed to doing it.”
The extensive article noted there are three black people among the roughly 340 Adidas vice presidents internationally. There are 75 black employees at Adidas’ 1,700-person head office in North America. Twenty current and former black employees said the corporate culture contradicts the brand’s image which is reliant on such high-profile personalities as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and James Harden.
In a statement, Adidas said, “We are committed to fostering a respectful, equitable, and inclusive environment for all Adidas employees around the world. It’s crucial that we have and support a diverse workforce that represents a variety of ideas, strengths, interests and backgrounds and that we promote an open culture where all of our people can fully contribute. We value all of our employees, are stronger because of their unique perspectives and are dedicated to achieving greater diversity at every level of the company.”
“We actively evaluate and seek to strengthen our programs and policies to ensure we are recruiting, retaining and

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For Lack of Better – Clayton Vila

Clayton Vila - For Lack of Better  artwork

For Lack of Better

Clayton Vila

Genre: Documentary

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: November 10, 2015

While skis are made for mountains, some only find them useful in cities. These "street skiers" dedicate their lives to traveling from city to city pushing the limits of what is possible on skis in urban environments. Jumping off four story buildings, flying into 50 foot high dams, flipping over staircases; these are some of the most daring athletes in the world. It seems like all fun and games, but horrific injuries, law bending behavior, and their "at all costs" mentality shows that, to them, this is much more. Filmmaker Clayton Vila takes you behind the scenes into a winter with these unique professional skiers.

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Chris Brown Sued — Your Lack of Security Got Me Shot!

One of Chris Brown’s fans is blaming the singer for the gunshot wound he suffered during a Bay Area concert back in January. Paul Briley filed a lawsuit against Brown for the shooting that went down at San Jose’s Capricorn Bash. In the suit, Briley says…


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Lack of War Hurting Halliburton’s Profits

Halliburton’s Company Building in Houston, Texas.

Squeezed by the sudden reduction of global violence, Halliburton announced yesterday the unexpected lack of war will be hurting their next profit report.

“We had been hoping for several good wars in the last few years, but with the Syrian dilemma ending in trade sanctions, Congress voting against ground troops in the Ukraine during the Crimea crisis, and now the Iran Deal suspending even more war in the middle east, we are looking at a bit of a war drought,” said a company spokesman.

Dick Cheney, an expert in starting and maintaining wars, reiterated the need for a proper war soon to balance the books and keep what he called ‘the gravy train thing’ going. “It’s simple economics,” he said. “You can’t just rebuild infrastructure you haven’t blown up, at a mark up, or house and feed troops that aren’t there, where we dumped hexavalent chromium, if no one is going to be there to begin with.”

Continued war scarcity is driving certain arm manufacturers out of the war business altogether. Several long-time military industrial corporations will start diversifying and switch to more profitable peace-time products, like textbooks, agriculture, and cement. “It seems people are interested in growing food, education, and building things. Who knew?” said an unnamed CEO whose company specialized in bomb assembly.

Other executives have had it with what they call the ‘Peace Problem.’ “With diplomatic missions constantly breaking out it’s made things very difficult for us,” said an inside source. “We’re not averse to being creative, arming small militias or even supporting civilian clashes, as long as it’s an expensive conflict. We can adapt, we have children of our own to feed,” she said.

Some war mongers are being more proactive, investing heavily in conflict experts who are brought in as negotiators and can take any decent peace-time agreement and find problems with it. Sands Pierce, a professional conflict expert from EndTime, Inc. says “It’s not that hard, I just keep saying “no” to the most common sense things and ‘no’ again when all my demands are met.” Sanders warns one does have to be a professionally trained obstructionist. “It can be exhausting. Normal people don’t have the stamina to continually say ‘no’ to common sense.”

Halliburton stays hopeful. “We know everything is cyclical,” says a company spokesman. “We’re hoping this peace-time isn’t permanent. We invested a lot of money in man’s inhumanity to man, and aren’t about to give up on it yet.”


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Yahoo CEO Marisa Mayer Rejected Gwyneth Paltrow for Lack of College Degree

Mayer’s attempts to create upmarket content included commissioning high-quality TV shows and hiring Katie Couric

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Tips for Dealing With a Severe Lack of Relationship This Holiday Season

Let’s be honest, the holidays can feel like a flat-out bummer. If you try to muster up the cheer and Fa La La’s, but all you get is a lump of coal in your heart,…

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This Is How Sleep (Or, Lack Of It) Really Affects Your Looks

We’ve all seen the headlines about how not sleeping enough harms your looks.

But while it’s one thing to vaguely know the truth, it’s another entirely to see it in front of you.

In this video from BuzzFeed Blue, a group of sleep-deprived people get a hard dose of reality when they get a taste of what they’d look like after 20 years of skimping on sleep — with the help of some talented makeup artists.

You’ll have to judge for yourself, but this video definitely inspires us to get our shut-eye every night.
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5 Effective Pickup Lines That Don’t Imply a Lack of Intelligence

While we don’t advocate getting close to a girl by using pickup lines, there are certain ways of sweeping that hottie off her feet without sounding cheesy or implying a lack of intelligence on your part. What you want to achieve is to get her to notice you, not to send her running for the hills.
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