Tiny Harris Loses $750,000 In Jewelry After Lamborghini Burglarized

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It appears that someone took T.I.‘s infamous “you can have whatever you like” line a little too literal.

According to WSB-TV and FOX 5 in Atlanta, on Sunday (Oct.6) Tameka “Tiny” Harris was the victim of a car burglary when the Xscape songstress was having drinks with friends.

During the social visit, Tiny reportedly left a few of her valuables in her car, including more than $ 750,000 in jewelry. Reports indicate that the list of high priced jewelry included Tiny’s wedding ring, watches, and stud earrings which were left in the Family Hustle stars SUV inside a velour bag hidden in her center console.

Tiny told police that she parked her SUV near Atlanta’s Bar Amalfi around 8:45 p.m. and had some drinks with a friend at the bar before returning to her vehicle an hour later, discovering her property was stolen.

Despite the theft taking place a few hours earlier, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Harris didn’t report the theft until 11:23 p.m. When police arrived on the scene, Atlanta police investigator James White told the publication in a statement, “There were no signs of forced entry or damage observed to the vehicle.”

WSB-TV also reports that security was present at the parking lot and didn’t notice anything suspicious, leading police to look to video surveillance for answers.

In other T.I. and Tiny news, the Hip-Hop couple were front, center and stylish at the grand opening of film director Tyler Perry’s massive new studio in the couple’s home town.

The public appearance comes just one week after the loss of Tiny’s godson and close family friend, Marquinarius Sanchez Holmes.

“I don’t think u know how many ppl you touched & changed their lives brother @chezdaking but I promise we gone keep your name alive. Make sure your kids are straight & make u proud!! 3 of your artist in this pic… but all your family!! Missing u & all your light like crazy!! Took me forever to write this but I finally got thru it!! Rest up lil brother..& watch how we turn up for you!! 👑💔💔💔😪😪😪 #OurFamiliesNewestAngel

The theft is currently under investigation.


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