Hopkins: Need ‘someone new’ deciding PI calls

After a seemingly clear instance of pass interference wasn’t called after a replay review during Sunday’s game in Baltimore, Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins lobbied for “someone new in New York” to decide those calls.
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The Game ft. Anderson .Paak “Stainless,” Styles P “Brand New” & More | Daily Visuals 11.13.19

The Game & Anderson .Paak

Source: Jamil Not Jamal / press handout

In October The Game shocked fans when he revealed his next album Born 2 Rap would be his last and now that we’re in the month of November awaiting his final project, the rap veteran officially drops his first visual off his upcoming swan song album.

In his Anderson .Paak assisted visuals to “Stainless,” Chuck Taylor pulls out a spiffy blue Lambo with Nipsey Hussle’s face painted on the hood and whips it through the California night before re-enacting the photo shoot for his first album. That Lambo with Nipsey’s grill was butters, b.

From the west to the east, fellow Hip-Hop veteran Styles P politics in his Yonkers neighborhood with his closest confidants for his latest clip, “Brand New.”

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Baby Keem, Lil Mosey, and more.









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Nino Brown Lives?: ‘New Jack City’ Reboot Is Reportedly Going Down

Ice-T And Wesley Snipes In 'New Jack City'

Source: Archive Photos / Getty

New Jack City has stood the test of time to become a cult favorite Hip-Hop film of the 1990’s. So of course, word is the beloved movie about Harlem drug kingpin Nino Brown, portrayed by Wesley Snipes, is getting a reboot.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is rebooting New Jack City with Snowfall filmmaker and actor Malcolm M. Mays handling the writing duties.

Oh word?

Mays is starting to get prolific. Besides credits like Snowfall, Southpaw and Life of a King, he will be directing and producing Flint for Overbrook Entertainment, which stars John Ortiz and T.I., and he’s starring with Anna Kendrick in IFC’s The Day Shall Come. There is no director attached to the New Jack City reboot as of yet.

The OG film featured a star-studded cast that included Ice-T, Chris Rock and Judd Nelson, and was directed by Mario Van Peebles.

And of course, it inspired what may be the most hilarious episode of Martin, ever.

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The First Billboard: All That Was ‘New, Bright and Interesting on the Boards’

On this date in 1894, Billboard published its first issue … one that’s vastly different from today’s magazine (and Billboard’s expanded platforms)….
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First Listen: Deafheaven, ‘New Bermuda’

After the crossover success of 2013’s Sunbather, New Bermuda is a resounding rebuttal to complacency. Entrenched in dark and decidedly classic metal moves, it’s got a seeking spirit that rages.

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Justin Bieber Talks Gun Control, Feeling Lonely & Working With Kanye on Song With a ‘New York Vibe’

In a new interview, Justin Bieber spent about 13 minutes discussing a myriad of topics, from his humble beginnings and fame to collaborating…
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‘New Music Fridays’ Will Sync Up Releases

Record labels and artists around the world will now begin releasing new music on Friday mornings, replacing conflicting standards among countries.
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Turns Out, Jennifer Lawrence’s Hot ‘New’ Bodyguard Isn’t New

People are going crazy for Jennifer Lawrence’s “new” bodyguard Greg Lenz, but we are pretty sure he’s been around for a while.

First Watch: No Joy, ‘Everything New’

A careless bout of littering has unexpected consequences in the silly, psychedelic new video from No Joy, “Everything New.”

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Watch Hozier Perform ‘Someone New’ and ‘Work Song’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Hozier is forging a status as a young force of nature. His appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live won’t hurt his growing reputation. 
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‘New York Spring Spectacular’: Theater Review

Derek Hough plays an angel sent back to Earth to cure techie entrepreneur Laura Benanti of her cynicism and save a tour guide’s job in Radio City’s elaborate new Rockettes showcase.

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Tony Winner Laura Benanti Stars in Radio City Music Hall’s ‘New York Spring Spectacular’

The actress, currently appearing in a recurring role on ABC’s “Nashville,” talks about dancing with the Rockettes in this lavish new production.
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Bill Maher Calls For Ban On Fraternities In ‘New Rules’

Bill Maher is calling for the end of fraternities.

The host closed out his “New Rules” segment on “Real Time with Bill Maher” Friday night with a plea to the president.

“New rule,” Maher said. “Before he leaves office, President Obama must send in the National Guard to desegregate American’s last bastion of societal-approved racism: college fraternities.”

Maher went on to compare fraternities to the Islamic State group because of the hazing techniques used by some in the Greek system.

“Since 1970, there’s been at least one hazing-related death every year as pledges routinely endure alcohol poisoning, sleep deprivation, waterboarding, being dressed in diapers, buried in trash, force-fed cat food,” he said. “Jesus, why not just pledge ISIS?”

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PREMIERE: Marvelous Mag – “New York Minute”

Marvelous Mag drops off his latest single from the forthcoming Marvelous Magic Johnson mixtape. Check out the NYC representative’s “New York Minute.”

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Bill Maher Blasts Spoiled Rich Kids During ‘New Rules’

Though something called the “death tax” sounds ominous, Bill Maher explained on “Real Time” why taxing inherited wealth is actually a good thing. Namely, he just called out some kids who will inherit fortunes for being “entitled jerks.”

Maher’s examples include Kylie Jenner texting while driving after Bruce Jenner’s deadly accident and Paris Hilton’s brother Conrad Hughes Hilton III needing to be restrained on a flight.

And while those stories are pretty shocking, we’re pretty sure Maher got the facts wrong when it came to saying Hilton’s proper title. But you can be the judge.

“Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Friday at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO.
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‘New York Spring Spectacular’ Music Revealed: Beyonce, Pharrell, Madonna (Exclusive)

Director-choreographer Warren Carlyle breaks down the Rockettes’ first major new spring show since 1997, and their first to get them kicking to current chart-toppers.
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Jesse Malin Releases Stream Of New Single ‘v Plus Announces Brand New Album ‘New York Before The War’ [Listen]

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Hundreds of Men are waiting for You!

Remembering ‘New York Times’ Giant Arthur Gelb

“A FAMILY can only develop with a loving woman at its center,” said the German writer Karl Wilhelm Fredrich Schlegel.

Kris Jenner, mater familias to the Kardashians, surely has that bromide embroidered on a pillow.

•I WANTED to wait until we all recovered from the excitement of it. Oh, come on, don’t say “What do you mean ‘it?'” You know I mean the lifelong nuptials of lovely working girl Kim Kardashian and musician Kanye West in Italy over the weekend. (Kanye rarely cracks a smile. That’s because he’s always thinking real hard about his brilliant music.)

Many “regular” people were involved, in one way or another, with their Memorial Day celebrations — barbecues or somber recollections of veterans who have given so much to this country. So Kim and Kanye’s wedding didn’t get quite the coverage it might have otherwise.

This is a crime! Two of the most exciting and talented and all-around nifty people getting married. The world should have stopped spinning a bit. Or altogether!

Two events of note. Rob Kardashian, the only member of the family who seems to be kind of ashamed of his relatives, fled Italy before Kim and Kanye tied that “forever knot.” Too bad. He missed Kanye speechifying at the wedding dinner. (Rob, he referred to your family as “the most remarkable people in the world.”)

I have to agree. Why they are remarkable, I can’t really say. Honest, I just can’t!

It’s too late for me now to be really bitchy about people in love and getting married

•THE death of the New York Times’ wide-ranging editor Arthur Gelb recently leaves many memories. (He was, with his wife Barbara, the premier historian on the works of playwright Eugene O’Neill with a 3rd volume to be published next year under the title By Women Possessed.)

It was under the autocratic, but privately charming Times head man Abe Rosenthal, that Arthur Gelb flourished and worked like a demon all his life.

I recall being out with the Rosenthals and Arthur one night and Abe suggested we go to Elaine’s “to see what’s going on there.” Arthur began to lecture me in the car, asking why did I always “pick on” the Times’ drama critic Frank Rich and give him such a hard time about the hard time he was giving Broadway?!

I was about to answer Arthur that if I picked on Frank, it was because he was so powerful and smart and had so much power that often his reviews just shut down many efforts that I thought deserved more of a chance to be seen.

But Abe, whose word was law, decided to defend me. He remonstrated with Arthur: “Now leave Liz alone!” She has a right to her column opinion just as Frank has a right to his. The Times is only enhanced by its critics. We are everybody’s target and Liz speaks for the public, as she should!”

After that, Arthur, to whom Abe was law, became my new best friend and he remained faithful until his recent death. But he had a favorite columnist in the Washington columnist Maureen Dowd. He worshipped her and he decided never to rest till the two of us met.

Poor Maureen had to give in and we have had a cursory, but amusing relationship ever since.

Through the years I always found my professional friendships at the New York Times to be valuable and interesting. Occasionally, I free-lanced entertainment articles for the Times and there was one brief moment when the Times seemed to lower its standards to talk about a gossip column. “I don’t believe you could take it even if offered,” said Arthur…”you make too much money to live on a Times salary.” As there was nothing to all this talk I just laughed. Nobody has admired the Times both from afar and up close as I have. I even went on to realize what a jerk I was to criticize Frank Rich. Today, I know he is one of the most brilliant analyzers around.

And then I always give thanks to the spirit of Arthur Gelb who gave me such an unparalleled vision of Maureen Dowd. He called her “one of the smartest women in the world.”

•I recall telling Arthur that the New York Times building in Times Square was not virgin territory to me. “I used to eat in your cafeteria every Sunday night.” Arthur, amazed, asked Why? “Well, I was working to stay alive in three different jobs and one was as a proofreader for Newsweek on Sundays. We were near the Times and went in a gang every time to eat in your cafeteria. It was very cheap.”

Arthur was aghast. The Times feeding people from its enemy, Newsweek? Well, I reminded him, it was before terrorism and they never asked for i.d.

Later, when the Peter O’Toole movie, My Favorite Year came out, about the early days of TV, I said to my movie companion over the credits, “This is about the 50’s!” He said, “How can you tell?”

I said “There are no guards on the elevators in the RCA building. Anyone can get in and go up.”

Ah, the good old simple days.

•HERE’S an example of how celebrity and fame have changed somewhat. Famous multi-millionaire movie director with multiple homes and scads of well-known friends and admirers. Not married. Does he surround himself with his now VIP friends and old acquaintances? No, he sees them occasionally.

His real life circulates around a group of people he has hired to work with him. He is with them virtually night and day. He spends every weekend calling them when he gets up and going to the movies with them and eating three meals a day with them. They are aspiring directors, producers and screenwriters themselves. They talk movies and pop culture and politics on which all of them agree. Each is paid a handsome salary just for the privilege of being around him. They love him but there is no question they are a paid entourage and they seldom have much time for their own private lives otherwise. They travel with him and there is more than one of them at a time.

His close friends understand this; he feels happier with these young people he hires than he does with his peers. He can relax around these employees who he sincerely feels are his close pals. Sex is not involved in this equation as he can get that anytime he wants to bother.

•SPRING IS here — if only for a minute. Be happy. Make the most of it.
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