Grading our 32 NFL preseason bold predictions: Hits, misses and regrets

Lamar to set records? Lions to the playoffs? Kamara to catch 100? We assess whether we were right on, way off or somewhere in between. – NFL

Zion doesn’t disappoint in soaring preseason debut

Zion Williamson soared to the basket to deliver his first dunk against an NBA team with less than two minutes into the first quarter of the Pelicans’ preseason debut. But on Monday night he proved to be more than a walking dunk-machine. – NBA

LeBron, AD dominant in Lakers’ preseason opener

In their first preseason game together with the Lakers, Anthony Davis scored 22 points and LeBron James added 15 as Los Angeles breezed to a 123-101 win over the Golden State Warriors. – NBA

NFL preseason Week 3 takeaways: Titans not exactly in midseason form

The Steelers’ dress rehearsal Sunday went pretty well — the Titans’, not so much. Here’s a look at all the big takeaways from the third full week of the 2019 NFL preseason. – NFL

Week 3 preseason takeaways: Browns might have the defensive muscle to match their offense

The Cleveland D recorded five first-half sacks, the Packers and Raiders ad-libbed and Daniel Jones impressed. – TOP

NBA preseason predictions: Our experts’ picks for 2019-20

We polled the experts on the ESPN Forecast panel for their predictions heading into the 2019-20 NBA season. – NBA

Week 3 preseason takeaways: O Canada, land of the shortened field

The Packers and Raiders ad-libbed, Daniel Jones impressed and Tom Brady showed his wheels. Here’s a look at the big takeaways from the third full week of the preseason. – TOP

Preseason Power Rankings: Who’s on the hot seat entering 2019?

Whose job is on the line this season? Here’s how we project the NFL’s best and worst teams, from 1-32. – NFL

Week 2 preseason takeaways: Up and down night for Giants rookie QB Daniel Jones

The No. 6 overall pick had a roller coaster game the night after No. 1 overall pick Kyler Murray struggled. – TOP

Follow live: Murray set to make preseason debut

Kyler Murray, the 2019 overall No. 1 pick, went 6-for-6 with 44 passing yards in his opening series. – TOP

Sports News in Brief: Majority Of NFL Players Say They Wouldn’t Let Their Son Play Preseason Football

NEW YORK—As concerns about the health risks involved for youth players continue to rise, a new poll revealed Thursday that a growing majority of NFL players would not allow their sons to play preseason football. “Now that we know how dangerous it really is, how could I in good conscience let my 7-year-old son go out there and play in a preseason football game?” said Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons, echoing the sentiments of many NFL players who told reporters that the potentially devastating health costs associated with participating in a full four-game preseason outweigh any reward, especially at the professional level. “The fact of the matter is that we just didn’t understand the full risks of preseason football back when I first started playing. I love this sport, but I’m not going to let my child put his long-term health on the line just to play …

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Derek Carr shines despite interception in Raiders' preseason win

Derek Carr shines despite interception in Raiders' preseason win – NFL