The best goalie prospect since Carey Price? Ranking the top 2020 NHL draft goaltenders

Yaroslav Askarov has been projected in the top 10 of the 2020 NHL draft. What makes him so special? And who ranks behind him among the class’ top goalies? – NHL

Ranking the top 74 NBA players of all time: Nos. 74-41

With the NBA’s 74th season on hold, we ranked the top 74 players of all time, with one “Last Dance” Bull making an appearance in today’s selections. – NBA

Ranking the top 74 individual seasons in NBA history

MVPs, scoring champs and Finals heroes all made our list, but who reigns supreme with the best season ever? – NBA

The Leggy 100: Ranking the top 2020 NFL draft prospects

Longtime draft guru Jeff Legwold picks this year’s top prospects. Eighty-two of his picks went in the top 100 in 2019. – NFL

Ranking the 15 best NFL free agents still available

After a wild few days of NFL free agency, we rank the best available players still on the market, starting with a playmaker off the edge in Jadeveon Clowney. – NFL

Ranking the top 50 NHL-affiliated prospects in hockey

There’s a new top prospect in hockey, and multiple highly-ranked youngsters with the Avalanche, Kings, Rangers, Wild and Panthers. Here’s the full top 50. – NHL

Ranking the coolest NHL goals ever: Our top 10 — and what creative move might be next

Was Andrei Svechnikov’s lacrosse move the most fun NHL goal ever scored? We ranked our top 10 and then guessed what creative move might come next. – NHL

Ranking Chiefs and 49ers players from 1-53: Which team has the better roster?

Here’s what insiders told us this past week. – NFL

Barnwell: Ranking the 10 most unlikely Super Bowl teams ever

The 49ers came out of nowhere this season, improving by nine wins. Is it the biggest jump by a title contender in NFL history? – NFL

Ranking NFL teams from 1-32, plus the regular-season MVP for each

Julio Jones, Patrick Mahomes and Jamal Adams are the picks for their teams. Who are the MVPs for the other 29 squads? – NFL

Ranking NFL teams from 1-32, plus picking the league’s most underrated players

From unsung defensive heroes to overlooked offensive weapons, we look at the most underrated players while ranking each team. – NFL

Ranking the five best prospect teams to watch for future NHL talent

Looking for the best squads to see for high-end NHL prospects? Here are the five best across junior, college and development leagues. – NHL

Top 25 under 25: Ranking the NHL’s best young players

Nathan MacKinnon, Sebastian Aho and other young players are taking over the NHL. We ranked the best still shy of their 25th birthdays. – NHL

Ranking all 31 NHL teams by their forwards

We count down from No. 31 (Senators) to No. 1 (Lightning). Find out where every team lands heading into 2019-20. – NHL

Ranking the best players in the NBA this season, from 50 to 31

Our annual countdown predicting the best players in the NBA continues at No. 50. – NBA

Ranking the best players in the NBA this season, from 100 to 51

Our annual countdown predicting the best players in the NBA starts at No. 100. See which stars made the cut. – NBA

Ranking the eight best NBA games of the 2010s

Our list features career-defining playoff moments and a couple of the most entertaining regular-season games of all time. – NBA

Ranking all 31 NHL prospect pipelines: Why the Rangers are No. 1

The Rangers and Kings got high marks in our preseason NHL prospect pool rankings. See how each team’s pipeline stacks up. – NHL

The NFL’s best and worst offensive arsenals: Barnwell’s 32-1 ranking

Which team has the league’s top offensive firepower? We evaluated all 32. No quarterbacks, linemen or coordinators allowed. – NFL

Ranking the NHL’s top 50-plus free agents into tiers

Who’s available this summer? We break them down into five tiers and include insights on where they might land. – NHL

What's trending in the NFL: Texans switch QBs; ranking NFL's top kickers

What's trending in the NFL: Texans switch QBs; ranking NFL's top kickers – NFL

The Definitive Ranking Of JTT’s Teen Mag Covers

To celebrate Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ birthday, we rounded up his best teen magazine covers ever.

Ranking 2015’s Onstage Falls: Who Ate it the Most?

One Direction’s Harry Styles made headlines today for falling while performing on stage, because people are evil and want to watch celebrities slip and fall (SPIN included). It would be one thing if it were Styles’ first tumble, but this is actually the second time he’s wiped out onstage this summer. In fact, it’s been quite a dangerous year for musicians, as a bunch of them have taken a plunge over the stage’s …
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News in Brief: Ranking Women Somehow Not Issue In Miss USA Debacle

NEW YORK—As backlash against the Miss USA pageant continues to spread following controversial anti-immigration remarks made by the contest’s owner, Donald Trump, sources confirmed this week that the overt ranking of women is somehow not a part of the ongoing nationwide outrage. Trump’s inflammatory comments have reportedly prompted NBC to drop the event from its schedule and sparked a number of debates regarding decency and propriety, none of which were said to include placing women onstage and assigning them a number corresponding to their physical appearance. Sources went on to note that lining up 50 bikini-clad women so that millions of viewers could scrutinize their bodies and make their own ratings that they could then compare to the scores of the official judges was, for some reason, completely absent in the recent controversy, which instead focused wholly on whether the spectacle should be shown on a major …

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Our Official Ranking of All The Dancing with the Stars 10th Anniversary Special Performances Might Surprise You

DWTS, TrophyWell how fun was that?

There were holograms. There was near-nudity. There were mullets! And, most important of all, there was dancing on Dancing with the Stars’ 10th anniversary…

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Ranking the 11 Hottest Fictional Presidents

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