Scooter Braun makes public plea to Taylor Swift after receiving death threats

Music manager Scooter Braun has posted a public plea to Taylor Swift to end their nearly six-month dispute over her music catalog. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Taylor Swift Fans Sending Death Threats to Scooter Braun, Big Machine

Taylor Swift’s loyal fans have been on the attack ever since their idol pointed the finger at Scooter Braun and co. … but now, they’ve ramped things up by sending death threats. Sources tell TMZ that Swifties of all ages have been threatening to…


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Carmella Faces Death Threats After She’s Wrongly Accused of Breaking Up Corey Graves’ Marriage

Carmella, Total Divas 902Clearing her name.
On Tuesday’s all-new Total Divas, Carmella’s character was under attack after she was accused of breaking up boyfriend Corey Graves’ marriage. As the…

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Smash Mouth Singer’s Fiancee Seeks Restraining Order Over Threats

Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell’s been dishing out threats to his fiancee, and he’s also trying to stick her with a house bill because she won’t let him move in … according to new legal docs. Esther Campbell is seeking a restraining order…


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Josh McDermitt Talks Potential Threats Inside The Walls In ‘The Walking Dead’ S6

At ‘The Walking Dead’ NYC premiere, Josh McDermitt hints at Eugene’s thoughts on the possible dangers inside the walls during Season 6.

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A Widow’s Threats, High-Powered Spats and the Sony Hack: The Strange Saga of ‘Steve Jobs’

Laurene Powell Jobs pressured Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale and every studio in Hollywood to not make the movie. David Fincher wouldn’t budge off his $ 10 million fee. Now, THR talks to the creative team — Danny Boyle, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and more — behind the most anticipated, controversial biopic in years.

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The 8 Most Overlooked Threats To A Marriage

We’re all familiar with the common, harmful mistakes people make in relationships: failing to communicate, having an affair or running into financial problems — just to name a few.

But beyond the usual suspects, what other relationship-testing problems should couples be aware of? Below, marriage therapists and relationship experts share some of the most overlooked threats to a marriage. 

1. Thinking honesty is always the best policy. 

Yes, being transparent about how you feel is generally the best route when having one of those Big Relationship Conversations. But communicating your feelings to your partner in an aggressive or sarcastic way is not the right way to do it, said Bonnie Kennan, a Southern California-based marriage counselor.

“When partners assume they can say whatever they feel, in a completely unbridled way, they often unwittingly do great harm to their partnerships and sometimes it’s irreparable damage,” she said.

In other words, your “I just have to be honest about how I feel” excuse isn’t going to fly. When you do catch yourself saying something overly critical, try to offset it with some positive remarks. Marital researcher John Gottman found that a ratio of 5:1 is necessary for marital health: five positive interactions for every negative interaction with your partner. 

2. Buying into the idea that marriage transforms people. 

Cornell University professor Karl Pillemer spent five years interviewing older couples for his book 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans. In that time, he learned one critically important thing: It’s a huge, inexcusable mistake to go into a marriage believing you can change your partner. Marriage won’t solve all your relationship problems or make the two of you more compatible, he said. 

“Treating your potential or current spouse as a do-it-yourself project is a recipe for failure,” he said. “Take, for example, your sense of humor: What he or she thinks is funny is important because it’s one thing that is certain not to change — and you will be stuck with it for many, many years. If his idea of high humor involves practical jokes and yours doesn’t, rest assured that you will not find the hand buzzer or the whoopee cushion more hilarious fifty years from now.” 

3. Believing you can change your family’s opinion of your spouse.  

If your partner and your parents fail to make nice before you wed, it’s not likely that a bond will form after you marry, said Kennan. And it’s a big mistake to believe your spouse can control his or her family and get you in their good graces, she added. 

“While spouses need to stand up for each other, it is unwise to assume the family members will change their minds — some parents will never think anyone is good enough for their child,” she said. “The couple needs to be pleasant and polite with the family, while not trying to change the rigid system. This can be a big challenge if the two partners aren’t willing to do the work of neutralizing it.”

4. Ignoring what your partner said he wanted before you married.

When your partner tells you he or she doesn’t want kids or can’t wait to move out of your current state of residence, believe them. You’re not likely to change their minds on the important issues once you marry, said Becky Whetstone, marriage and family therapist based in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

“Maybe when you were dating, your future life-mate told you things like they wanted to move out of state or weren’t that into sex,” she said. “You heard these warnings, knew they were out of sync with what you wanted, but went ahead with the relationship. The reality is, you can’t get them to change their mind.”

5. Expecting marriage to be easy. 

Repeat this to yourself before even considering walking down the aisle: Marriage is hard work — worthwhile, valuable work but still hard work. Few engaged couples really take the time to absorb that before saying “I do,” but the reality is, it’s what needs to be foremost in their minds, said Pillemer.

“To stay married for life requires resilience, spirit, and discipline. It also requires an acceptance of predictable stressors and unexpected difficulties, without giving up,” he said. “Like many good things in life, the immediate gain sometimes has to be sacrificed for a long-term payoff — like winding up still in love with someone after a half century.” 

6. Putting your spouse on a pedestal. 

You go into your marriage thinking your partner is really something special. (Otherwise, why would you say “I do”?) But idealize your spouse a little too much and you risk disappointment when you find out they’re only human, said Whetstone. 

“The problem with over-idealizing someone is that sooner or later you’ll realize they aren’t the infallible person you thought they were and they’ll tumble down to reality,” she said. 

7. Not setting boundaries on what is shared outside the relationship.

If you’re an oversharer and your partner likes to keep his personal life under wraps, it doesn’t bode well for the relationship, said Kennan.

“If one partner is very comfortable turning to friends and family members for support when he has a problem and the other is not, it creates a pattern where partner B is nervous about being candid and shuts down the flow of sharing,” she said. “At the same time, partner A may feel stifled and lonely without a support system.”

To address the issue, Kennan said couples need to anticipate this issue and set up rules for disclosure of information to people outside the marriage.

“You’ll probably have to operate outside of your own comfort zone to accommodate your partner’s needs and feelings,” she explained.

8. Putting too much stock in the belief that opposites attract. 

You’re a left-leaning introvert whose ideal weekend is a good “Masterpiece Theatre” binge-fest. Your partner is an Republican-voting extrovert who loves to travel and tries to maximize each weekend. While it’s nice to believe opposites attract and love conquers all (hey, it worked for Mary Matalin and James Carville!), it’s a mistake to invest too deeply the idea, said Pillemer.

“I interviewed couples who’ve been married for years and their strongest recommendation was simple: Marry someone a lot like you,” he explained. “Marriage is difficult for anyone, but it’s much easier with someone who shares your interests and background. Small differences can spice up a relationship but what has to be almost identical are core shared values on money, career goals, child-raising and sex.” 


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Caitlyn Jenner Files Legal Docs for Gender Change … Fears Physical Threats

Caitlyn Jenner has filed legal documents asking a judge to formally declare her a woman, but she’s afraid of providing the necessary information to the court because of physical threats … TMZ has learned. The documents were filed in L.A. County…


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Plies Fires Back At Young Thugs Threats

Well. What do we have here? Plies be making some sense. I think. Or not. Anyway, Young Thug threatened Plies after his daughter appeared in his IG page saying something about being tired. (Click here to read that first story and watch the video.) Then YT said, “Get this s**t off your page or its problems, my n***a. Not asking no more on slime.” Them’s fighting words! So, Plies rePLIES and says that he would never disrespect anybody’s kids, but …

Instagram Photo

It should be noted that Plies did NOT remove the video yet.

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Chris Brown Affiliate Makes Death Threats To Marques Houston Over Karrueche Tran Photo Comment

The response was reportedly made by a member of the Bloods.

HipHopDX News

K-Pop Group BTS’ New York Concert Cut Short, Fan Meet Canceled After Alleged Threats

BTS’ debut New York City concert was cut short due to threats towards the act.
Fans who attended the New York stop of the K-pop boy… Music News

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‘Married at First Sight’ Couple — Till Death Threats Do Us Part

Love at first sight doesn’t always work out, especially when the guy allegedly threatens to kill his spouse. Jessica Castro just got a restraining order against Ryan De Nino, the husband she met on the show “Married at First Sight,” claiming he had been…


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Supreme Court Overturns Man’s Conviction for Facebook ‘Threats’

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a big decision that overturns the conviction of Anthony Elonis for making threats on Facebook against… Music News

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Glastonbury Festival’s Emily Eavis Received Death Threats for Booking Kanye West

Glastonbury Festival’s co-organizers Emily Eavis has revealed she received death threats after inviting Kanye West to headline next month’s… Music News

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Richie Sambora Sues Ex You Extorted Me Over Fake Death Threats

Richie Sambora is striking back with a lawsuit against his ex Nikki Lund, who he alleges extorted him to the tune of more than $ 150k and then tried to frame him for allegedly making death threats. Sambora says he’s been dishing out wads of cash…


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AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Pleads Guilty To Drug And Murder Threats Charges

His dirty deeds are done, but weren’t cheap.

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleaded guilty Monday to charges that he threatened to murder two people and possessed methamphetamine, according to the New Zealand Herald. Earlier in December, he had pleaded not guilty to the threats charges, as well as charges that he had methamphetamine and 130 grams of marijuana on him when he was arrested.

His home in Tauranga, New Zealand was raided on Nov. 6 last year after he called a man and his daughter, and threatened to kill them. Police initially accused the 60-year-old rock star of masterminding a murder plot against the pair, but dropped that charge the next day.

It wasn’t immediately clear why he changed his plea. The Herald reports that he was silent in court Monday, except to enter his plea, and didn’t respond to questions outside the courthouse. He’ll be sentenced on June 26.

The paper reports:

AC/DC are meanwhile set to play in New Zealand in December with their Rock or Bust World Tour, and Rudd has signaled that he wants his place in the band back.

“I’m going back to work with AC/DC, and I don’t care who likes it and who doesn’t,” he told TVNZ in December.

“I want my job back, I want my reputation back and I’m gonna get it back. I’m gonna f**king take it back.”

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‘Walking Dead’s’ Melissa McBride on Carol’s Scary Side, Impending Threats

The actress talks with THR about Carol’s confrontation and teases a “very powerful” end of the season.

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North Korea’s Internet Falls Following Threats To U.S.

After the FBI identified North Korea as the culprit behind the Sony Pictures email leak, the nation’s link to the Internet was cut, taking it completely down.

Centered on the assassination of N.Korea leader Kim Jong-un, the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy The Interview received backlash before it was even released, a series of offensive emails from Sony executives was released shortly after. The studio completely pulled the movie after theatres received threats for agreeing to show it, a move criticized by President Obama and more.

Although U.S. Officials have denied any responsibility for the internet hacking they advised that Korea needs to compensate Sony for the damages caused by the film’s removal.

In a letter to Sony, Democrat Brad Sherman wrote“Threats from a dictator in North Korea should not stop Americans from seeing any movie. We have a responsibility to stand up against these attempts at intimidation..”



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Sony Cancels Studio Tours In Wake Of Hacker Threats Over ‘The Interview’

Sony has canceled tours of its Culver City, Calif., studios in the wake of hacker threats which have already scuttled the release of the Seth Rogen and James Franco film, “The Interview.”

Tours were canceled last week and will not resume this year, The Hollywood Reporter said.

The two-hour guided walking tour takes guests through sound and scoring stages as well as the sets of TV shows such as “Jeopardy” and “Wheel of Fortune,” according to the website.

The studio is concerned that someone could stray from the group, TMZ reports.

As of this writing, tours through Jan. 2 are listed as “sold out” on the ticketing website, and no dates are available for purchase beyond that point.

On Wednesday, Sony canceled the release of “The Interview” after hackers who stole corporate documents, emails and other data threatened terror attacks on any theater showing the film.

The movie is a comedy about a plot to kill North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The U.S. government reportedly believes North Korea is behind the attack and the threats.
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Carmike Cinemas Pulls Sony’s ‘The Interview’ Amid Threats

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Carmike Cinemas has decided to cancel its planned showings of “The Interview” in the wake of threats against theatergoers by the Sony hackers.

Sony Pictures Entertainment told theater owners on Tuesday that it would be supportive of their individual decisions on whether or not to show the film, which is still set for a Christmas release, according to multiple reports. The late developments came just hours after the hackers released a data dump that they’re calling a “Christmas gift.” Included in the latest breach are emails from Sony Pictures co-chair and CEO Michael Lynton, as well as specific threats against patrons of the comedy, which depicts an assassination attempt against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In a chilling message invoking the memory of 9/11, the hackers urged audiences to stay away from venues showing the film.

Carmike Cinemas operates 278 theaters across the country and is the first theater to pull the screenings of the controversial film, according to Hollywood trade publications The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

The Georgia-based company is the fourth largest cinema chain in the nation, following Regal, AMC, and Cinemark, none of whom commented on their plans for “The Interview” showings.

The Department of Homeland Security has said that there is no credible intelligence to indicate a threat, but is still investigating the message.

The National Association of Theatre Owners had no comment about pulling of the film by its members. Neither Sony nor representatives from Carmike responded to requests for comment.
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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Soundgarden fan arrested for sending death threats to singer

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