Yungblud’s Times Square Fan Meetup Turns into Pandemonium

Yungblud’s music career is looking far better than okay … because hundreds of screaming fans stopped traffic in NYC for a chance to see the yung rock star. Yungblud Mania filled Times Square Thursday afternoon after the singer told his Twitter…


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Diahann Carroll In Conversation With Bob Morris (2009): Los Angeles Times Festival of Books – Diahann Carroll

Diahann Carroll - Diahann Carroll In Conversation With Bob Morris (2009): Los Angeles Times Festival of Books  artwork

Diahann Carroll In Conversation With Bob Morris (2009): Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Diahann Carroll

Genre: Arts & Entertainment

Price: $ 2.99

Publish Date: April 25, 2009

© ℗ © 2009 Los Angeles Times

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Reliving Memories and Good Times

Memories are something that can’t be taken away. They are a person’s real assets, the ones of true value. In our youth we don’t really pay much credence to this and channel all our energies chasing frivolous material possessions.
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In Times Passed – L. Darby Gibbs

L. Darby Gibbs - In Times Passed  artwork

In Times Passed

Students of Jump, no. 1

L. Darby Gibbs

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Publish Date: July 31, 2011

Publisher: L. Darby Gibbs

Seller: Smashwords, Inc.

Brent Garrett is tired of living up to and not living up to everyone’s expectations. Family, friends and the Complex Council are all waiting for the big moment. When he accidentally invents a time travel machine, it seems like the answer to his frustrations, but his friends demand he take the time to make sure it’s safe to use. Brent’s tired of living it safe. He wants change now! He must outwit the computer protecting the jump system and prepare for a lifestyle 200 years out of date. What was that about destiny, love and time? The three things one simply can’t outwit. Facing the riddle of living his own life was tough enough when there was only one of him. Read this first book in the Students of Jump time travel series because going back in time only changes who he is this moment, not who he's going to become.

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All the times Dwayne Johnson gushed about his new bride

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is having a big year. – RSS Channel – Entertainment

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Mookie homers three times against Yankees

Mookie Betts hit three home runs in four innings for the Red Sox against the Yankees at Fenway Park on Friday night. – TOP

6 Times The Source Material Was Too Dumb For The Movie

By E. Reid Ross,Israel SH,James Kinneen,Gino Reyes,Eric Nolff  Published: July 09th, 2019 

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23 Times Grooms Were Totally, Completely Overcome With Emotion

Sometimes, a facial expression says more than words ever could.

The genuine reactions captured in the wedding photos below speak volumes about the love these couples share. 

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All the Times Ariana Grande Didn’t Wear a Ponytail

If there were a prize for most instantly recognizable celebrity hairstyle, Ariana Grande's high ponytail would easily win. As she explained on Facebook last year, the extensions-enhanced look is partly a necessity, since it covers…

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High Times: A Look Back at Rihanna’s Stoner-Chic Style


Stoner chic. No, that isn’t a typo—especially when applied to Rihanna, the fashion world’s most well-appointed toker and now also, apparently, the newly minted owner of the MaRIhanna customized cannabis line set for release in 2016. Blazing plenty of trails in her herbal-inspired ensembles, RiRi opts for looks that lack the garishness of tie-dye nightmares, smoke-riddled sweats, and Bob Marley fan-art tees. For years, the pop star has been coolly reinventing the burnout aesthetic with her streetwear approach to fashion.

Whether slipping into her oversize Vetements hoodies and sweats or flight jackets with mall goth Alexander Wang creepers to head to the studio, or making a late-night snack munchies run in Simone Rocha and cutoff shorts, she elevates the stoner uniform from the hot box to the runway with cheekiness, chic, and flair. Above, the looks that Rihanna positively lit up in.

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22 Times Tumblr’s ‘Harry Potter’ Theories Blew Our Minds

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Songs We Love: Martha, ‘Six Men Getting Sick Six Times (Mendable)’

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Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner Lead Time’s 30 Most Influential Teens

Kylie Jenner is influential. So is sister Kendall Jenner.
Same can be said for Maisie Williams, Zendaya
and human rights activist Malala Yousafzai.

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9 Times You Felt The Bern From Bernie Sanders At Tonight’s Democratic Debate

Vermont Sen Bernie Sanders whipped out a handful of his signature Berns during Tuesday night’s (Oct. 13) first Democratic presidential debate, taking on Hillary Clinton’s email mess, the war in Syria and Donald Trump’s wallet.

Anne Hathaway — This Just Hen … You Screwed Up My Eggs, 4 Times!!!

Anne Hathaway likes her eggs just so, and God help the chef who goes astray. Hathaway was on the Paramount lot last week shooting a Japanese commercial when she ordered breakfast — a poached egg, along with an English muffin and avocado.   The…


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Seeing Double: 7 Times Hollywood Made the Same Biopic Twice

steve jobs movie

In a recent press conference for the new movie Steve Jobs, Michael Fassbender, who plays the late Apple CEO, jokingly said he “studied Ashton Kutcher” to prepare for the role. Fassbender was referencing that other Steve Jobs movie, which came out in 2013 and imagined Kutcher as the visionary in the black turtleneck. These dueling films are just the latest instance of two different portrayals of the same subject (after all, Hollywood does love to recycle material). Here, seven other double biopics.

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Theater: Solid Sam Shepard, Half-Baked “Barbecue” And Muddled “Old Times”

FOOL FOR LOVE ** 1/2 out of ****
BARBECUE ** 1/2 out of ****
OLD TIMES ** out of ****

FOOL FOR LOVE ** 1/2 out of ****

I’ve spent my entire adult life watching the stock of playwright Sam Shepard fall. He was at his peak in the 1980s, with that iconic trade paperback of seven plays sporting his handsome mug on the cover.


That compilation was just a blip on the radar for Shepard. He starred in the landmark film Days of Heaven in 1978. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his play Buried Child in 1979. He received an Oscar nomination for his great work in 1983’s The Right Stuff, a masterpiece by any measure. He co-wrote the Palme d’Or winner Paris, Texas in 1984, the same year that collection of plays became a fixture in bookstores around the world. No wonder he made the cover of Newsweek in 1986.

The plays kept coming: about one every three years since Seven Plays was published 31 years ago. But cruelly for someone so acclaimed and clearly devoted to his craft, they haven’t become part of the repertory yet, not really. Buried Child played Broadway for two months in 1996. A praised revival of arguably his best play True West had a five month run in 2000 and received three Tony nominations. And now this revival of Fool For Love with Nina Arianda and Sam Rockwell. One play on Broadway in 1996, another in 2000 and now (finally) another in 2015. Shepard’s new work has been seen at various venues Off Broadway to little success.

What do I think of Shepard as a playwright? How would I know? I haven’t had a chance to see his best work performed by committed actors. (No wonder Signature devoted a season to Shepard back in 1996. For all their good work, it’s a pity they don’t continue that tradition.) So it’s a pleasure to see four excellent actors tackle 1983’s Fool For Love. And it’s a disappointment to say that on my first viewing, it feels like a flawed work that has not dated well.

The set-up is simple: May (Arianda) is slumped over, sitting on the edge of a bed in a dumpy hotel room. The cowboy Eddie (Rockwell) is in a corner, taking a break from what is clearly an exhausting battle of wills. Off to the side (In the room? Outside? Metaphorically watching from above?) is an Old Man (Gordon Joseph Weiss). At first May clings to Eddie, then she pushes him away. She claws at him; he threatens her. She orders him to go then begs him to stay. He insists on leaving and then remains. The Old Man watches.

They’re fools for love, obviously, and it’s fun to watch. The tension is real (along with the humor) as we try and figure out who is toying with whom and whether they belong together and if being together will mean more battling or actual, genuine happiness. It feels meaty and real and while hardly revelatory is certainly satisfying, thanks to talent like Rockwell (sneakily charming as always) and Arianda (who is thoroughly at home and not flashy for a single moment despite the acclaim of recent years that might have sent anyone less grounded flying off into space).

Eddie has blown back into town and wants to — maybe — take May away with him. More tension arises for this on-again off-again couple with the arrival of May’s date for the evening, a hapless local fellow (Tom Pelphrey) who just wants to take her out to a movie. Instead he becomes trapped in their game of truth-telling about what is really tearing them apart. Director Daniel Aukin has molded the cast into an excellent ensemble: his two leads are marvelous; Weiss is spot-on and Pelphrey was for me a revelation, wonderfully funny and dim-witted while holding his own onstage with two powerhouses, all with a minimum of dialogue. The tech elements were also strong, though I could have done without two visual and sonic flourishes (once at the beginning and once at the climax) that called too much attention to themselves.

But the play? It revolves around the revelation that this couple is related. They fooled around in high school only to discover that Eddie’s father knocked up May’s mother. Once upon a time, such was the stuff of Greek tragedy. Today it fails to shock (What? No gender confusion?). And once that twist was made clear, the play became less and less compelling. Perhaps I was too quick to credit this production. Certainly in retrospect I didn’t sense the seeds of despair that should be driving it. Eddie’s violence didn’t seem the frustrated violence of one unexpectedly in love with his half-sister, just your run-of-the-mill violence. May’s fickle attitude towards Eddie seemed powered only by his wandering attention, not by the turmoil of a love that dare not speak — or even think — its name.

And where in all this naturalistic fatalism does the rather fantastic off-stage character of The Countess fit in? A nutty rich woman who shoots up hotel rooms and sets fire to trucks hardly squares with a simmering tale aspiring to Sophoclean despair. I felt confusion over the big outburst of the Old Man and just a sense of anti-climax when Eddie and May kiss ferociously at the end. Since they already kissed earlier, the tension for a physical release was already dissipated. Sure, the first time we didn’t know they were siblings, but what might have felt transgressive and powerful at the finale had already been undermined by the play itself.

Shepard is a terrific actor, an admirable artist and devoted to theater. I want to be a fool for his work — I have ever since buying that collection back in college with student loan money I should have saved for food. I just wish I had more chances to judge his work where it belongs: on stage. Surely this showcase for four actors (and True West, which was catnip for the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and John C. Reilly) is proof he’s worthy of more attention. It may reveal flaws but that’s better than not being seen at all.

BARBECUE ** 1/2 out of ****

Everyone’s faith in playwright Robert O’Hara is thoroughly justified. He’s whip-smart, funny, provocative and has a gift for entertaining. (I’ll take entertaining over deep thoughts any day.) I didn’t go over the moon like some with Booty Candy, but that often hilarious look at growing up gay was bursting with inventiveness, to say the least. Barbecue may be a little more flawed but it confirms O’Hara as a playwright you don’t want to miss. It seems only a matter of time before he hits one out of the park.

A park, actually is the setting for his new play Barbecue. A family is gathered not to grill some meat but to confront one of their siblings, the out of control Barbara. Calling Barbara out of control is really saying something since all the other adults in this family boast a roll call of addictions and pathologies: alcohol, marijuana, meth (maybe), pills (certainly), busted relationships and dead-end jobs are all on the menu.

Barbara may not be quite ready for an intervention. Will she really cotton to the idea of heading to Alaska for yoga and group therapy? But if she gets out of hand — a distinct possibility since razors-hidden-in-the-mouth is one ploy they worry about — well, they’ve always got the rope, duct tape and Taser to fall back on.

So there you have it. A flawed play with a strong first act, a sputtering second act, a good cast and solid tech elements (especially the costumes by Paul Tazewell and the hair and wigs by Leah J. Loukas which work together in ways subtle and clever to keep it funny but real). O’Hara tosses a lot of plates in the air and — while many of them crash — it’s invigorating to watch. Barbecue employs some big switches (just like Fool For Love, which has a big reveal as well). As in Shepard’s play, the Big Reveal is not terribly interesting and makes what came before it less interesting in retrospect. Meta playfulness is irresistible for a playwright with an unbridled imagination. But the discipline of rules and genre and structure (rather than always tearing that structure down) can be just what is needed to give that imagination focus. Here’s hoping O’Hara works to use his distinctive voice in a context less freewheeling just to see what happens. I can’t recommend Barbecue as strongly as Booty Candy. But if you’re in New York City and a regular theater goer, O’Hara is clearly a talent you want to watch develop. By all means go.


Why are you still reading? I said spoiler alert! If you have any ability to see the play, walk away please. But Barbecue and its flaws are impossible to discuss without spoiling the multiple tricks that O’Hara plays with us. Literally impossible. So the first half of my review is for anyone who might go see it. Now for posterity, let’s actually discuss the damn thing. Truly, it’s no fun to even KNOW there’s a spoiler much less dissect it. But what can one do? Not talk about the new play by a clearly bursting at the seams talent like O’Hara? So you’ve been amply warned.

The first big reveal is an absolute corker. The family — led by the redoubtable Becky Ann Baker of Freaks & Geeks — has discussed all possibilities while they wait nervously for Barbara. A violent, hilarious peak is reached when the lights go to black, the show pauses very briefly and then the lights come up and the action begins again…but the entire white cast has been replaced by black actors clearly playing the same characters in the same scene. It’s head-spinning, unexpected and marvelously effective in super-charging the action.

The rest of the first act continues this by transitioning back and forth several times between the two sets of actors. A play about white trash has now become a play about black people held down economically. Or is it that a play that didn’t seem to be about race now really is about race? Or maybe it’s not race but class that we’re dealing with? And why am I laughing more with the ensemble of black actors? You immediately question your own prejudices. Am I trained to be embarrassed or less amused by white trash since they reflect poorly on me, a white man? Or am I seductively encouraged to laugh at black folk as a subtle form of racism that reinforces racial stereotypes perpetuated by white society?

Naturally, I decided I wasn’t racist (no one ever decides they are racist, do they?) and that the black cast was in fact stronger across the board. However, I was also aware of a heightened reality present when the black cast was performing. Their roles and jokes were broader and bigger — it was meant to be funnier. I think. Or I’m just a jerk. This was a rich vein O’Hara had opened and it was fully worth exploring for an entire play. Unfortunately…


Okay, there’s another Big Reveal. In truth, a great work should be able to survive knowing about the “twist.” You can enjoy and appreciate it even if you know something the original audience didn’t. (It’s a sled.) Still, it’s certainly more fun not knowing, if possible. So if you’re in NYC and might go to the show and kept reading past the first Spoiler Alert, for heaven’s sake, stop now! On the other hand, you’ll find out why the play that started out so strongly became so muddled.

After the switching between casts, act one climaxed with yet another switch. As the black cast was on stage, suddenly Barbara (Tamberla Perry) shouted out “Cut!” and the stage was swarmed by cameramen and sound guys and PAs and all the other folk on a film crew. The audience, already blindsided by the brilliant ploy of swapping out casts, exploded in mirth. So this is being filmed? I assumed it was reality TV we’d be spoofing, but in fact act two revealed that we were watching the actual events of an intervention (later made famous by Barbara’s best-selling triumph-over-addiction memoir) interspersed with a cast of black actors filming it for a movie.

Act Two goes way, way down hill as we jump back a little and watch a world famous Whitney Houston-type singer and actress (played by Perry) meet with the “real” Barbara (Samantha Soule) in that same park. The self-absorbed diva is searching for authentic details and deciding whether to make the movie we’ve watched her film throughout act one. The energy and inventiveness disappears and the play slowly loses steam as it plods to a close.

Perry’s diva is a boring stereotype that also makes no sense: she’s from the ghetto but puts on a fake British accent? When authenticity is the coin of the realm in the pop world and not one she’d run from? We’re supposed to seesaw back and forth as we watch these two women search for power over the other. The movie star blathers on and occasionally reveals how little Barbara means to her. Revelations pile up, each one less meaningful and interesting than the last: the memoir is faked, the diva is an addict, one or both of them is a lesbian and so on.

While act one juxtaposed “real” people with cinematic portrayals that were exaggerated, in act two all we get are “real” people who seem a lot more fake than everyone in act one. Potentially the most powerful scene — when the diva demands the clean Barbara do some crystal meth — becomes a throw-away moment when clearly it should have been the manipulative pivot of the entire act. How far will a diva go to demonstrate power or gain an Oscar worthy project? How far will a recovering addict go to cash in? And does dignity even come into the equation? Everything here is less interesting, including the performances of the two women since their characters become more cardboard by the second.

It’s very confusing. On the one hand, O’Hara clearly has a fertile imagination. On the other hand, he had an absolutely brilliant concept — switching between an all black and all white cast — that was plenty for an entire play. It should have been the sole “trick” in the show, one that was worthy of exploring deeply and imaginatively. I feel almost cheated that this clever and potentially penetrating gambit was squandered. On the other (other?) hand, he came up with that idea, didn’t he?

OLD TIMES ** out of ****

The soufflé did not rise. Truly, what else can one say about a production of Harold Pinter that doesn’t work? One can see a decent production of Oscar Wilde or Horton Foote, a good performance here and there and all of it…okay, But Pinter (and Brecht and that ilk)? Their work is so ambiguous and off kilter that either it clicks or it doesn’t. This one most assuredly doesn’t. That isn’t to say your experience at Pinter is either euphoric or nightmarish. Far from it. The three actors are to varying degrees solid, the production is certainly enjoyably risk-taking (at least visually) and unlike some truly off the rails productions that flop entirely, it’s hardly an endurance test. But does it rise? Does it breathe? Sadly, no.

This is the first time I’ve seen Pinter’s Old Times so I have nothing to compare it to, no way to know what power plays and intriguing shifts in balance can take place when it’s done well. Deely (Clive Owen) and Kate (Kelly Reilly) are at home. I use the term “home” loosely, since the set by Christine Jones depicts a striking vortex looming over them at all times while a giant slab of ice is a stand-in for a door or perhaps a window. A tad abstract, but hardly out of place for the oft-surreal Pinter. They banter about a dinner guest soon to arrive. Anna (Eve Best) is an old friend of Kate, though Kate clarifies by saying Anna was and is her only friend. She has no other friends, not really.

Typically for Pinter, they are fencing with words. Anna arrives and a sexy, provocative presence she is indeed. Anna and Deely seem to be battling each other for supremacy; they’re trying to prove which one of them is more important, more crucial to Kate (or at least the person Kate has become)? Inevitably, the somewhat passive Kate will make her own move for domination before all is said and done.

Reilly is the least satisfying here and Best the most. Owen is very solidly in the middle, proving himself a strong and promising stage presence, fully at home and ready to play. One must point the finger at director Douglas Hodge. Whatever music is to be found in this Pinter play remains unheard. Whatever drama, mostly unseen. Whatever sense the scenic design and the vaguely period costumes of Constance Hoffman might have made unexplained. Whatever impact the modest visual and sonic pow of key moments delivered by Thom Yorke (music), Japhy Weideman (lighting) and sound (Clive Goodwin) unfelt.

I really have no idea what Pinter is up to in this play. But I’m certain Hodge and his team haven’t figured it out either.


Honeymoon In Vegas **
The Woodsman ***
Constellations ** 1/2
Taylor Mac’s A 24 Decade History Of Popular Music 1930s-1950s ** 1/2
Let The Right One In **
Da no rating
A Month In The Country ** 1/2
Parade in Concert at Lincoln Center ** 1/2
Hamilton at the Public ***
The World Of Extreme Happiness ** 1/2
Broadway By The Year 1915-1940 **
Verite * 1/2
Fabulous! *
The Mystery Of Love & Sex **
An Octoroon at Polonsky Shakespeare Center *** 1/2
Fish In The Dark *
The Audience ***
Josephine And I ***
Posterity * 1/2
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame **
Lonesome Traveler **
On The Twentieth Century ***
Radio City Music Hall’s New York Spring Spectacular ** 1/2
The Heidi Chronicles *
The Tallest Tree In The Forest * 1/2
Broadway By The Year: 1941-1965 ***
Twelfth Night by Bedlam ***
What You Will by Bedlam *** 1/2
Wolf Hall Parts I and II ** 1/2
Skylight ***
Nellie McKay at 54 Below ***
Ludic Proxy ** 1/2
It Shoulda Been You **
Finding Neverland ** 1/2
Hamlet w Peter Sarsgaard at CSC no stars
The King And I ***
Marilyn Maye — Her Way: A Tribute To Frank Sinatra at 54 Below ***
Gigi * 1/2
An American In Paris ** 1/2
Doctor Zhivago no stars
Fun Home **
Living On Love * 1/2
Early Shaker Spirituals: A Record Album Interpretation ***
Airline Highway * 1/2
The Two Gentlemen Of Verona (Fiasco Theatre) ***
The Visit (w Chita Rivera) ** 1/2
The Sound And The Fury (ERS) **
Broadway By The Year: 1966-1990 ***
The Spoils * 1/2
Ever After (at Papermill) **
Heisenberg *** 1/2
An Act Of God **
The National High School Musical Theatre Awards ***
Amazing Grace *
The Absolute Brightness Of Leonard Pelkey ** 1/2
Cymbeline (Shakespeare in the Park w Rabe and Linklater) ***
Hamilton *** 1/2
The Christians ***
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Pearl Theatre Company) ** 1/2
Spring Awakening (w Deaf Theatre West) *** 1/2
Daddy Long Legs **
Reread Another **
Fool For Love (w Nina Arianda and Sam Rockwell) ** 1/2
Barbecue (at Public) **
Old Times (w Clive Owen) **


Thanks for reading. Michael Giltz is the founder and CEO of the forthcoming website BookFilter, a book lover’s best friend. Trying to decide what to read next? Head to BookFilter! Need a smart and easy gift? Head to BookFilter? Wondering what new titles came out this week in your favorite categories, like cookbooks and mystery and more? Head to BookFilter! It’s a website that lets you browse for books online the way you do in a physical bookstore, provides comprehensive info on new releases every week in every category and offers passionate personal recommendations every step of the way. It’s like a fall book preview or holiday gift guide — but every week in every category. He’s also the cohost of Showbiz Sandbox, a weekly pop culture podcast that reveals the industry take on entertainment news of the day and features top journalists and opinion makers as guests. It’s available for free on iTunes. Visit Michael Giltz at his website and his daily blog. Download his podcast of celebrity interviews and his radio show, also called Popsurfing and also available for free on iTunes.

Note: Michael Giltz is provided with free tickets to shows with the understanding that he will be writing a review. All productions are in New York City unless otherwise indicated.

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Anthony Anderson: ‘N-Word’ Mentioned 13 Times In ‘Black-ish’ Season 2 Episode

At a Television Academy event, Anthony Anderson tells Access how ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ tackles the ‘n-word’ in a Season 2 episode.

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American Voices: Mayor Calls For Crackdown On Topless Women In Times Square

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio spoke out this week against Times Square’s desnudas, topless women covered in body paint who charge money for photos, saying they should be regulated the same way other street solicitors are. What do you think?

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10 Times Demi Lovato Was The Queen Of Body Positivity

Demi Lovato turns 23 today, and over the years she’s proven to be an inspiring body-positive role model for her many fans.

The “Cool for the Summer” singer has used her (powerful) voice to share her experiences with body image issues and has bravely opened up about having an eating disorder. She regularly promotes body love in interviews and on social media, and in honor of her birthday, we’ve gathered some of her most inspiring moments. From teaching her Lovatics to embrace their curves to shutting down society’s beauty standards, here are 10 times Lovato was the queen of body positivity.

1. When she kicked off 2015 with an inspiring post about “loving and taking care” of her body.

2. When she told her fans to shake off their insecurities with an inspiring tweet.

3. When she proved thigh gaps aren’t a requirement for being beautiful.

4. When she gave advice for women dealing with body image issues in Fitness Magazine.

We all have problem areas. I’m always going to have thick thighs. I can’t change that, and obsessing over it will only make me miserable. Learning to be grateful for our bodies and taking care of them are the best ways for us to empower ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.


5. When she inspired her 21.1 million Instagram followers with a #NoMakeupMonday post (which she now does regularly!).

6. When she told Glam Belleza Latina how she learned to embrace her curves… 

 I tried to conform to what everyone thinks is beautiful. But my genetics gave me a curvy figure, and I’ve come to understand that in the Latina culture, that is beautiful. I no longer look at my body and think, Oh my gosh, I have such a fat butt. Or, I hate my thighs. On some days I don’t love them. But, you know, that’s one of the things that makes me me.


7. And told others to do the same.

8. When she requested more diversity on TV and reminded everyone that all shapes and sizes are beautiful.

9. When she opened up about once feeling “ashamed” of her body and discussed how far she had come.

10. And finally, when she (flawlessly) shut down the haters.

Happy birthday, Demi! Keep spreading that body confidence.

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6 Times Parents Caught Their Mischievous Kids But Struggled To Keep A Straight Face

Every parent has been there — you catch your kids doing something crafty to reach the cookies, or painting the dog’s fur, or cutting their younger sibling’s hair. You start disciplining them, but there’s one little thing that gets in your way: the fact that the situation — and, more importantly, your kid — is undeniably hilarious. So you lose it, struggling to keep it together or even erupting into laughter.

Fortunately for us, some parents don’t just focus on fighting the laughs; they also take the opportunity to film or photograph their kids after they’ve been caught red-handed. In the spirit of celebrating parents who are strong and soft, we’ve partnered with Angel Soft to compile our favorite sidesplitting parental moments — the ones where the only thing harder than disciplining your kid is disciplining yourself to not burst out laughing.

1. The Lipstick Lovers

How in the world do you get lipstick off of kids faces?!! O.M.G. #kidsaretheworst #motd #lippies #makeup

A photo posted by Mack (@thesodakshack) on

Image: Mackenzie Tims

This definitely isn’t what lipstick was made for, but good luck explaining that to a kid. One minute, everything is business as usual. The next, you find your kids covered in your favorite shade of rouge — and you can bet they’re pretty proud of themselves. At least at first.

“They knew they were busted as soon as I caught them, red-handed at that!” says the children’s mom, Mackenzie Tims. “I managed to keep a straight face while scolding them for getting into makeup without asking, but I struggled to keep my composure once I put them in the tub and realized how hard it was going to be to get the lipstick off their faces.” The best part? Her 5-year-old sighed and told her, “I wish I didn’t do this; I’m going to be stuck this color forever!”

“I had to bury my face in a towel every time I cracked a smile to keep from letting on that this was one of the most hilarious things they had ever done,” admits Tims.

2. The Applesauce Artist

Video: Jessica Cook

It was basically inevitable that this mom would let out some laughs as she gave her son a talking-to about his applesauce adventures. How can you keep it together when someone so small makes such a big mess (he even got applesauce on the dog) and then tries to negotiate his way out in that sweet little voice? It can’t be done; but this mom still manages to lay down some serious discipline, giggles aside. Pro tip: Blaming it on the dog never pans out — and almost always leads to a timeout.

3. The Future Picassos

Video: Cheryl Edwards

What do you do when three little boys draw all over the walls? You make them scrub, of course. If you think cleaning constitutes punishment, though, think again; these brothers are having a little too much fun washing the walls after they used them as their personal canvases.

“It was a struggle to keep a straight face when they were covered in markers in a freshly ‘decorated’ room and working to clean it off,” says mom Cheryl Edwards. Still, she puts the boys to work cleaning while stifling a laugh, which earns her major bonus parent points in our book.

4. The Tornadoes

Image: @making our dream/@happy.healthy.mama/@kidsaretheworst

Lesson learned: Never trust a kid in a store. All it takes is an instant; and in that instant, whether you’re catching up with a friend or examining your next purchase, you’ll find that each and every item from the shelves is littered along the aisle, all thanks to your oh-so-happy toddler.

That’s exactly what moms Michelle Fontin and Sarah Mandel found when they ran into each other on a shopping trip. “We watched [our kids] out of the corner of our eye, but at some point, pure mayhem had happened in the ‘throw’ blanket aisle,” Fontin recalls. “The damage had already been done, and the kids were super happy tossing everything around. So we actually let them play a bit longer while we finished our conversation.” Taking a moment to appreciate the hilarity (and preserve it for posterity’s sake) is what it’s all about, after all. “When it was time to go, we made them put everything back,” she explains. “To be honest — and I think most moms will agree — this disaster was worth an uninterrupted time of adult conversation with a dear friend!”

5. The Tagger

Ella proud of spelling her name #2010flashback #kidsaretheworst #think #EV

A photo posted by Knut Espen Bryhn (@kebr) on

Image: Knut Espen Bryhn

Sure, she doesn’t have a license to drive (give it another decade, maybe), but why should that stop her from claiming her wheels? After all, successfully spelling your name is cause for celebration — and in this case, cause for graffiting the car.

“It was impossible to get angry about this, mainly because of that smile that met me, so proud,” explains Ella’s father, Knut Espen Bryhn, who Instagrammed the automobile art. “And second, because I knew it [was] easy to clean off. I just had to laugh at it and explain that this was not a good idea.” Way to go, patient parents who reiterate the rules and take advantage of photo ops. We’re forever impressed by your balancing act.

6. The Storyteller

Video: Sherrica Sims/Rumble

This little doughnut thief is adamant that she’s innocent until proven guilty — despite that her half-eaten treat is hiding in plain sight. We’ve never seen a kid try to talk her way out of trouble quite as well as this smooth-talking storyteller, and her mom deserves some major kudos for keeping it together as she reminds Tiffany of the rules. Bonus points to Mom for playing along with the story — and for poking holes in it when her daughter is clearly the culprit.

Angel Soft is proud to celebrate parents who can lay down the law, but still appreciate the humor in life’s little messes. Parents are both soft and strong, which is why Angel Soft products are too; learn more at

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Radiohead’s Thom Yorke To Compose For Broadway’s Old Times

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke will compose original music for the upcoming revival of Old Times, the Roundabout Theatre Company has announced. The remake of the 1971 stars Clive Owen, Kelly Reilly and Eve Best and revolves around a husband and wife preparing for the visit of her female roommate from 20 years earlier . . .
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10 Times Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Made Us Believe in Love (Again)

It finally happened — Jennifer and Justin tied the knot. The couple, who have been engaged since 2012, married in a secret ceremony at their Bel Air home on Aug. 5. Here’s to celebrating their nuptials with a look back at the times they couldn’t get enough of each other.


Sign ‘O’ the Times – Prince

Prince - Sign 'O' the Times  artwork

Sign ‘O’ the Times


Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 13.99

Release Date: March 30, 1987

© ℗ 1987 NPG Records, Inc. under exclusive license to Warner Bros. Records Inc.

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5 Times Hillary Clinton Won the Internet

While the rest of the country was tuned in to the first GOP primary debate last night, a certain Democratic contender made it very clear that she had better things to do. Like this, for…

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Times Like These

“You know, it’s at times like these when I’m trapped in an airlock with an alien and about to die of asphyxiation in deep space that I really wish I’d
listened to what my mother told me when I was young!”

“Why, what did she tell you?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t listen!”

Received from leon_taylor.
The Good, Clean Funnies List

9 Times ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Had to Recite Song Lyrics

'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebek has been a fixture on television for more than 3 decades, and a source of entertainment as well as trivia questions.
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8 Times Black Hairstyles Have Been Culturally Appropriated

On Wednesday, Elle UK called baby hair a “trend” and credited Katy Perry for inspiring it.  They were wrong — black women have been rocking this look for decades.  

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a popular and traditional black hairstyle has been appropriated. 

There are many hairstyles black women and girls wear that directly correlate with their identity and culture, but mainstream media often doesn’t seem to recognize it — and bashes them when they do. 

These looks are often deemed unacceptable or “trendy” until they are worn by white women – but we want to set the record straight. 

Here are eight instances where black hairstyles have been borrowed, described as cool and taken without credit: 

1. When Kylie Jenner “woke up like disss” in cornrows.

More than 1.3 million people liked this photo of Jenner posing in a crop top and her hair braided in cornrows last week. However, the comments below it didn’t share the same praise — actress Amandla Stenberg called out Jenner for appropriating black culture and not using her platform to speak out about critical issues in the black community. Stenberg later followed up with a separate and more detailed note asking: “Do female black lives matter, too?” 

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

2.  Another Jenner takes cornrows to “a new epic level.”

In 2014, Marie Claire posted a tweet with a photo of Kendall Jenner describing her half-braided style as “new” and “epic.” Black Twitter didn’t let that slide, however, as users called out the magazine for failing to acknowledge that this hairstyle has been worn by black men and women for decades.

3. Let’s circle back to Kylie Jenner.

When this Jenner sister wore faux dreadlocks for a “desert rebel” cover story in Teen Vogue, she was described as edgy, raw and beautiful. Zendaya wore the same hairstyle this year — but was bashed for it. “Fashion Police” host Giuliana Rancic said she looked like she “smells like patchouli oil or weed.” Zendaya clapped back, writing a powerful response on Instagram defending black people and their dreadlocks.

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

4. Yet another baby hair mishap. 

Like Elle UK, Lucky Magazine was mistaken about baby hair, too. During New York Fashion Week last September, Lucky referred to the style as “slicked-down tendrils.”  Though this style is a bit more drastic than how black people traditionally wear it, the gelled-down concept is similar. 

5. Bo Derek is the standard for cornrows. Yea, right. 

The Jenner sisters aren’t the only ones being lauded for taking cornrows to “bold” heights. In 2014, the Los Angeles Times credited Bo Derek as the standard for cornrows when they mentioned three other white women who were supposedly coming for her title. Not one black woman was mentioned.


6. Rita Ora’s afro wig and box braids aren’t fooling anyone.

Even though Rita Ora looks racially ambiguous, she is Kosovar-Albanian. In a photoshoot for Hunger TV, Ora wore a blonde wig and the DailyMail credited her with having a “unique sense of style.” Refinery29 called her box braids “hairspiration.” Hairspiration? Please. 

A photo posted by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

7. Teen Vogue chose white model for senegalese twists feature.

Walk into any hair braiding shop in Harlem and you’ll see black women in chairs crowded by stylists braiding their hair into senegalese twists. This is a go-to protective hairstyle among black women. But Teen Vogue chose white model Phillipa Steele to showcase the look last month. Hmph. 

8. Beauty blog called bantu knots “mini buns.”

Mane Addicts published a tutorial on bantu knots in which the look was described as “twisted mini buns inspired by” Marc Jacobs. However, they failed to appreciate and recognize the Zulu tribes, who originated this style. Black women took to social media to display their bantu knots with the hashtag #ITaughtMarcJacobs. Mane Addicts eventually deleted the post. 


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Kill Me Three Times – Kriv Stenders

Kriv Stenders - Kill Me Three Times  artwork

Kill Me Three Times

Kriv Stenders

Genre: Action & Adventure

Price: $ 14.99

Rental Price: $ 3.99

Release Date: April 10, 2015

Kill Me Three Times is a darkly comedic thriller from rising star director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog). Simon Pegg plays the cunning assassin, Charlie Wolfe, who discovers he isn’t the only person trying to kill the temptress of a sun-drenched surfing town (Alice Braga). Charlie quickly finds himself at the center of three tales of murder, mayhem, blackmail and revenge.

© © 2014 KM3T Pty Ltd, Filmfest Limited, Screen Australia and ScreenWest Inc.

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9 Times ‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Had to Recite Song Lyrics

'Jeopardy' host Alex Trebek has been a fixture on television for more than 3 decades, and a source of entertainment as well as trivia questions.
News, reviews, interviews and more for top artists and albums – MSN Music
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‘Tiny Times 4.0’ (‘Xiao Shi Dai 4: Ling Hun Jin Tou’): Film Review

Writer-turned-director Guo Jingming brings his series of adaptations of his own Shanghai-set romance novels to a close.

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25 Times Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler Gave Us Major Relationship Goals

These examples prove Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are the ultimate embodiment of #RelationshipGoals.

13 Times Black Twitter Betrayed Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham may be the most meme-worthy rapper this side of Lil B. And while the caricature Based God is usually in on the joke, sometimes it feels like the Internet has a love/hate relationship with Drizzy.

Drake Day Care meme

photo: Twitter

Going online might not be part of his day, but we all were doubled over in laughter during these 13 times Black Twitter betrayed Drake. It’s all in fun, because most of us are still playing If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

Photo: WENN

The post 13 Times Black Twitter Betrayed Drake appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

5 Times Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Gave Us Major Relationship Goals

Since it's July Fourth weekend and summer is (sadly) half over, we're ready to call it: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are officially *the* couple of the season. And with each passing social media post,…

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3 Times Caitlyn Jenner Has Taken a Page From Kate Middleton’s Style Book

Caitlyn Jenner took on New York City this week in some seriously elegant looks. From flattering fitted dresses to slingbacks and sleek purses, there is a classic-but-modern feel among many of her selections. In fact,…

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14 Times When Life Completely Imitated The Onion

Reality continues to brazenly rip off The Onion.

On Quora, the social question-and-answer site, a user asked: “What are some The Onion articles that turned out to be prescient?” We’ve rounded up some of the best responses, and added more of our own. (Submit yours here.)

* * *

The Onion, January 16, 2012

‘Arby’s Now Charging $ 2.99 To Let Customers Go Behind Counter, Grab Handfuls Of Roast Beef’

Image from The Onion:

The Washington Post, August 24, 2014

‘The $ 10 ‘Meat Mountain’ from Arby’s: It’s exactly what it sounds like.’

Arby’s faced a key problem as it moved to attract customers: People thought the restaurant served mainly roast beef. To change that, the company made this poster showing a tall stack of every meat on the menu, from bacon to brisket.

And then something unexpected happened.

“People started coming in and asking, ‘Can I have that?’” said Christopher Fuller, the company’s vice president of brand and corporate communications. So Arby’s began granting their wish.

Image from Arby’s poster:

The Onion, April 20, 2009

‘More American Workers Outsourcing Own Jobs Overseas’

The Next Web, January 16, 2013

‘Verizon finds US developer outsourced his job to China so he could surf Reddit and watch cat videos’

The Onion, May 22, 2006

‘Insecure Brian Williams Only One Who Doesn’t Trust Brian Williams For Latest News’

Although he is the most watched and widely recognized newscaster on American network television, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams continues to be plagued with crippling self-doubt, admitting Monday that he would look to “just about anyone else” for in-depth analysis of the latest national and international news before himself.

CBS News, June 18, 2015

NBC said Thursday that Brian Williams will not return to his job as “Nightly News” anchor following his suspension for misrepresenting himself… Williams said he was sorry for saying things that weren’t true, apologized to colleagues and viewers, and said that “I’m determined to earn back their trust.”

brian williams

The Onion, July 1, 2008

‘Sources Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013’

Miley at the 2013 MTV VMAs

The Onion, March 21, 2011

‘CIA’s ‘Facebook’ Program Dramatically Cut Agency’s Costs’

The Guardian, June 6, 2013

The National Security Agency has obtained direct access to the systems of Google, Facebook, Apple and other US internet giants, according to a top secret document obtained by the Guardian.

The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called Prism, which allows officials to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says.

The Onion, January 26, 2000

‘Area Man Consults Internet Whenever Possible’

Larry Wisniewski, a 36-year-old Columbus-area office manager, turns to the Internet for information whenever humanly possible.

“Are you trying to find out what time Angela’s Ashes is playing at Crosswoods Marcus Cinema?” Wisniewski asked his wife Pamela, noticing her looking through The Columbus Dispatch’s movie listings. “I can log on to the Dispatch’s web site and check it in a flash.”

“Now that my household is hooked up to the Internet, nothing is out of reach,” Wisniewski said.

Everywhere, all the time:

The Onion, August 23, 2012

‘Nation Celebrates Full Week Without Deadly Mass Shooting | UPDATE: Never Mind’

Cheers filled the streets and American flags waved triumphantly through the air today as the nation turned out in full force to celebrate an entire week having passed since the last time a madman opened fire on innocent civilians in some kind of fatal mass shooting.

Mass Shooting Tracker:

In 2013, there were 363 shootings in the U.S. that injured or killed multiple people — about 7 per week, on average. In 2014, the number was 283 mass shootings.

The Onion, January 17, 2001

‘Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over”

Mere days from assuming the presidency and closing the door on eight years of Bill Clinton, president-elect George W. Bush assured the nation in a televised address Tuesday that “our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is finally over.”

The Huffington Post, December 1, 2008

‘Bush: ‘I Was Unprepared For War,’ ‘I’m Sorry’ For The Economic Crisis’


The Onion, November 5, 2013

‘ Announces Plans To Develop Original Programming’

In a broad push to offer new content to the website’s millions of customers, executives from online retailer officially announced plans Tuesday to develop a slate of original online programming.

Hollywood Reporter, February 20, 2015

‘ Taking On Amazon With VOD, Streaming Services’, which says it is second only to Amazon in retail sales on the Web, plans to launch VOD and streaming services, it was announced Tuesday at NATPE by company CEO Patrick M. Byrne.

The plan is to launch a video-on-demand service by mid-2015 with about 30,000 titles and then start a streaming service with both acquired content and originals.

The Onion, May 29, 1993

‘Uneducated Forklift Driver To Address Nation On Rush Limbaugh Radio Show’

Media Matters, May 5, 2009

‘Rush Limbaugh lists Joe the Plumber as someone who can ‘articulate conservatism”

The Onion, May 26, 1999

‘8-Year-Old Accidentally Exercises Second Amendment Rights’

Gun owners nationwide are applauding the patriotic, though accidental, exercise of Second Amendment rights by 8-year-old Timothy Cummings Tuesday.

“Timothy is a symbol of American heroism,” said NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre from Cummings’ bedside at Norfolk General Hospital, where the boy is in serious but stable condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. “While praying for his recovery, we should all thank God that his inalienable right to keep and bear arms has not been infringed.”

New York Daily News, May 1, 2013

A Kentucky toddler was accidentally shot dead by her own brother as he played with a gun he’d been given as a gift, police said.

Adorable Caroline Sparks, 2, was killed after her 5-year-old sibling fired the .22-caliber rifle at their Burkesville home at 1 p.m. Tuesday. […]

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports the weapon — a Crickett branded by makers Keystone Sporting Arms as “My First Rifle” — was given to the little boy last year.

The Onion, February 18, 2004

Gillette CEO: ‘Fuck Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades’

Would someone tell me how this happened? We were the fucking vanguard of shaving in this country. The Gillette Mach3 was the razor to own. Then the other guy came out with a three-blade razor. Were we scared? Hell, no. Because we hit back with a little thing called the Mach3Turbo. That’s three blades and an aloe strip. For moisture. But you know what happened next? Shut up, I’m telling you what happened—the bastards went to four blades. Now we’re standing around with our cocks in our hands, selling three blades and a strip. Moisture or no, suddenly we’re the chumps. Well, fuck it. We’re going to five blades.

CNN, September 14, 2005

Gillette has escalated the razor wars yet again, unveiling a new line of razors on Wednesday with five blades and a lubricating strip on both the front and back.

The Onion, March 31, 2008

‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories ‘Ridiculous,’ Al Qaeda Says’

The New York Times, September 28, 2011

‘Stop the Conspiracy Theories, Al Qaeda Tells Iranian Leader’

Al Qaeda has a message for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran: enough with the conspiracy theories about Sept. 11.

The latest issue of the terror group’s English-language magazine, Inspire, lashed out at the Iranian president for indulging in the claim that the American government — and not Al Qaeda — was responsible for the attack.

The Onion, March 26, 2013

‘Supreme Court On Gay Marriage: ‘Sure, Who Cares”

Ten minutes into oral arguments over whether or not homosexuals should be allowed to marry one another, a visibly confounded Supreme Court stopped legal proceedings Tuesday and ruled that gay marriage was “perfectly fine” and that the court could “care less who marries whom.”

Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2015

‘Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Is a Nationwide Right’

gay marriage stories

See more responses and add your own HERE.

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16 Times Ariana Grande Couldn’t Break Free From Her Headpieces

To celebrate the starlet’s 22nd birthday on June 26, we’ve rounded up her 16 best head accessories — from her signature cat ears, to festive reindeer antlers and everything in between.


20 Times Solange’s Instagram Gave Us New Social Media Goals

She’s more than just Bey’s little sister — she’s a singer, a mom and the curator of one of the coolest Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen. To celebrate her 29th birthday on June 24, we’ve rounded up some of her best ‘grams that are so good they hurt.


Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Unabridged) – Gregory Maguire

Gregory Maguire - Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Unabridged)  artwork

Wicked: the Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (Unabridged)

Gregory Maguire

Genre: Sci Fi & Fantasy

Price: $ 35.95

Publish Date: January 1, 2000

© ℗ © 2000 Recorded Books

iTunes Store: Top Audiobooks in Sci Fi & Fantasy

Time’s All Gone – Nick Waterhouse

Nick Waterhouse - Time's All Gone  artwork

Time’s All Gone

Nick Waterhouse

Genre: R&B/Soul

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: May 1, 2012

© ℗ 2012 Innovative Leisure

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New York Just Destroyed A Ton Of Ivory In Times Square – Find Out Why

The US and state of New York crushed 2000 pounds of ivory today to shut down the poaching effort worldwide.

Madonna’s Son — Fast Times For Rocco Ritchie (PHOTO)

Surf’s up for Rocco Ritchie … Madonna’s son has found his spirit animal, and it looks like it’s Jeff Spicoli from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”  Rocco was out in London with his dapper pop Guy Ritchie Thursday night, and the 14-year-old was…


TMZ Celebrity News for Fashion

Eva Mendes Spills Beauty and Fitness Secrets—Including How Many Times She Works Out Each Week

Eva Mendes, Women's HealthEva Mendes is spilling her secrets!

Mendes hosted a Facebook Q &A on Wednesday, where fans could ask and share beauty and fitness tips. So, if you want glowing skin like the mother…

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15 Famous Times The Game Of Thrones Nun Yelled “Shame!”

15 Famous Times The Game Of Thrones Nun Yelled Shame!

15 Famous Times The Game Of Thrones N…
15 Famous Times The Game Of Thrones Nun Yelled “Shame!”
Submitted by: karenmm
Keywords: Game of Thrones Nun shame nun got game of thrones finale
Views: 11,969

Funny or Die | Funny Videos, Funny Video Clips, Funny Pictures

Hot Wife Times Unleashed Black On White

Hot wife Christina is at it again! This time she takes on her biggest black boyfriends so you can watch while she fucks and sucks their huge throbbing dicks. This all -interracial DVD features her wrapping her sexy lips around their massive tools and spreading her legs wide to get stretched out like youve never seen before.

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This clip from Hot Wife Times Unleashed Black On White by Hot Wife Times features an interracial home video of Christina and Lance who are soaked in cum and fucking deep and hard while hubby tapes everything.

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Scene Number: 4

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Studio Name: Hot Wife Times

Amateur Pay Per View

Fast Times At Ridgemont High – Amy Heckerling

Amy Heckerling - Fast Times At Ridgemont High  artwork

Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Amy Heckerling

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 7.99

Rental Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: August 13, 1982

Academy Award®-winner Sean Penn leads an all-star cast (Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phoebe Cates, Judge Reinhold, Ray Walston) in this hilarious portrayal of a group of southern California high school students and their most important subjects: sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Amy Heckerling's (Clueless) directorial debut brings to life first-time screenwriter Cameron Crowe's (Almost Famous) insider's view of teenage American life in the 1980's. Featuring decade-defining music from The Go-Go's, Oingo Boingo and The Cars, plus film debuts of future stars Nicolas Cage, Eric Stoltz and Anthony Edwards, Fast Times at Ridgemont High remains as fresh and funny today as it was a generation ago when it defined the outrageous and bold teen comedy genre.

© © 1982 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People (Unabridged) – Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris - Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People (Unabridged)  artwork

Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People (Unabridged)

Amy Sedaris

Genre: Comedy

Price: $ 15.95

Publish Date: November 2, 2010

© ℗ © 2010 Hachette Audio

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36 Times Everything in Entourage Worked Out for the Best




Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Entourage, HBO’s landmark TV series about one emerging actor and his bro-y pack of friends, is getting a movie of its very own that opens this week. Starring Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Dillon, and Jeremy Piven, Entourage was exceptional television for one reason above all else: During the show’s eight seasons, almost nothing bad ever happened. Even in the show’s darker moments, the boys—and their faithful manager, Ari—always had another model or pile of money to cushion the blow.

In honor of the movie’s premiere, we took a look back at the series and found all of the moments where everything seemed to work out for Vince, E, Turtle, Drama, Ari, and even Lloyd.



Photo: Courtesy of HBO

1. Vince’s movie Head On gets some bad reviews but E and Ari make sure that Vince parties and hangs out with Jessica Alba so he feels better.

2. Vince is on Jimmy Kimmel with his sort-of-ex-girlfriend Sara Foster and it’s kind of awkward, but then everything goes okay.

3. Turtle ruins a Pixar premiere, but it’s really not a big deal.

4. The boys can’t find any weed but find help in their dealer (Val Kilmer) who also helps Vince gets the lead role in the indie pic Queens Boulevard.

5. Billy Walsh is hired to be the director of Queens Boulevard and the guys aren’t so sure about this weird interloper. He turns out to be absolutely brilliant.



Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection

6. Vince is kind of worried about leaving L.A. to go shoot Queens Boulevard in New York City. Don’t worry—Scarlett Johansson is waiting for him in NYC.

7. As season one wraps up, E is finally Vince’s official manager, putting all of his anxieties to rest. (Vince and E’s friendship and business relationship will be a constant source of problems while all will lead to inevitable successes.)

8. Ari and E spend several episodes trying to convince Vince to star in Aquaman, a superhero movie that Vince really doesn’t want to do. He later decides to do it.

9. Mandy Moore is Vince’s costar in Aquaman and they have a torrid love affair in front of the press. Vince gets ready to throw his career away for her and everyone is terrified, but then she goes away and everyone is OK with it.

10. Turtle starts a career as a manager of an emerging rapper. It doesn’t work out and Turtle moves on to four seasons worth of get-rich-quick schemes (more on that later).

11. Vince fires Ari. This is a very dark moment for the gang. Don’t worry—he rehires him a few episodes later.



Photo: Courtesy of Photofest

12. Turtle goes out on a bad double date with Drama, but then Drama’s date decides to go home with Turtle.

13. Ari needs to read a script by M. Night Shyamalan before the end of the day but also has to have dinner with his wife. In a mix-up, Ari loses the script and ends up in jail but Shyamalan ended up changing the script anyways, so it’s all OK.

14. Vince successfully steals away a role from Heath Ledger with the help of Ari’s scheming, but when Ledger leaves the project, the attached director follows suit. No problem—Ari gets Billy Walsh to sign on.

15. Ari’s assistant Lloyd gets dumped by his boyfriend and has to take a leave of absence from working for Ari. The workload is too much for Ari, and so he gets the couple back together, despite Lloyd’s infidelity.



Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection

16. The boys bet who could have sex first—E or Turtle. After countless errors and an uncomfortable run-in with E’s ex-girlfriend, Sloan, everyone just ends up just having sex with someone else.

17. E gets an office now that he’s a fancy businessman, so the boys get him an expensive desk as a present. The only problem is that Gary Busey wants the desk. They get the desk and when it won’t fit into the office, they just buy a new office.

18. Mrs. Ari (unnamed until the last season of the show) is asked to reprise her star-making role on The Young and the Restless. She decides not to because it would be too much.



Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection

19. The whole gang has a lot of trouble getting to Cannes for the premiere of Medellin—a movie the show has spent a whole season hyping up. It’s supposed to be Vince’s best role ever. They spend an entire episode trying to figure out an alternate way of traveling to France and then Kanye West pops out of nowhere to give them a ride on his private plane. Nice.

20. Medellin, the movie that’s been discussed for what seems like forever, is a total bomb at Cannes. It sells anyway for a very low price. This might actually be one of the only quasi-failures during the show, but better times are ahead soon!

21. As season five starts, Vince is at the lowest point of his career. He books an appearance at a sweet sixteen party because he is practically broke. At the party, he sings a version of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” which kills the crowd and everyone loves Vince again.

22. Okay this is a long multi-episode win—after a psychedelic mushroom trip at Joshua Tree where everything goes wrong, everyone returns to normal and Vince decides to act in the serious movie Smoke Jumpers, instead of the cash cow, Benji. Luckily for Vince and everyone else, the studio head blocking Vince from doing the movie drops dead while playing golf with Ari.



Photo: Courtesy of HBO

23. Ari is offered the top job at Warner Brothers, but he doesn’t want it. If he doesn’t take it, then his enemy Amanda Daniels will get it. Ari gets his friend Dana Gordon the job, allowing Vince to get the role he wanted, and everything is great in Ari’s world.

24. The movie they tried to get Vince in for an entire season goes completely south. Vince is fired from the movie after beefing with the director and flubbing all of his scenes. When it seems there’s no hope, Martin Scorsese calls Vince and offers him the lead role in an adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

25. Turtle has a very lovely relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. The end of this relationship is great for Turtle because it encourages him to start a new business that is actually (temporarily) successful.



Photo: Courtesy of Everett Collection

26. Matt Damon, Bono, and LeBron James try to persuade Vince to give a very large charitable donation. Vince makes the donation and everyone goes home happy.



Photo: Courtesy of HBO

27. On the set of his new action movie, Vince is going back and forth on whether or not he should do his own stunts. He crashes his car into a brick wall but emerges from the flames unscathed and spunkier than ever.

28. The accident actually leads Vince into a mental tailspin throughout season seven, including a toxic romance with actress Sasha Grey. He goes to rehab and is eventually okay.

29. Drama has spent much of the last seven seasons unemployed, but he can finally find gainful employment if he can convince John Stamos to be part of his new show. Stamos, of course, wants nothing to do with it. After several (literal) ping-pong matches, Stamos agrees to do the show.



Photo: Courtesy of Photofest

30. Ari loses a lot of his clients to a former-employee who was essentially fired because Mrs. Ari saw her hugging Ari. After tapes of Ari berating some of his employees get out to  the press, it seems that Ari’s career is over. (It’s not.)

31. The end of season seven and the beginning of season eight is actually very dark, and the boys only slightly get their mojo back when Vince passes a drug test. Phew.

32. By the end of the series, Turtle is rich (the tequila company goes public).



Photo: Courtesy of HBO

33. Although he hasn’t had any real success throughout the show, Drama and his costar Andrew Dice Clay have a successful show on their hands.

34. Vince lands on the cover of Vanity Fair in an unflattering story about his casual misogyny. He winds up jetting off to Paris to marry the writer of the piece.

35. E finally convinces (a very pregnant) Sloan to marry him and he’s going to get to be a New York City dad.

36. After a season long battle with Mrs. Ari and her new boyfriend Bobby Flay, Ari gets back together with his wife after he promises to quit his job. But wait—he’s offered his dream job as a studio executive right before the credits roll, proving that it’s never too late for an Entourage miracle.

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5 Times Taylor Swift Saved a Life

Taylor Swift

After crashing their car last week, three girls are now crediting Taylor Swift with saving their lives. Elizabeth Dazzio was reportedly driving her sister, Caroline, and a friend home from Swift’s 1989 world tour concert in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when she fell asleep at the wheel. The crash knocked Dazzio unconscious and left the other two girls trapped inside the crumpled car. “You could smell the gas and smoke,” Caroline told the Baton Rouge radio station WBRZ. “I was just thinking, We need to get out of this car.” But under the cover of night, no one could see the girls in distress—until they turned on their 1989-issued concert bracelets, which had lights that were been programmed to sync to the beat of T-Swift’s tunes, to act as an emergency flare. Their ingenuity paid off: Passersby pulled the girls from the car and called for help.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first time Swifties have credited the 25-year-old singer with saving their lives. Below, four more times Taylor Swift saved a life.


Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

The time she saved Florence Welch Florence Welch was on the cover of Billboard in May and revealed that her personal struggles, at times, felt insurmountable. “I was playing gigs nonstop since I was 21. When I was left to my own devices, I realized I was f—ing everything up. I was in and out of a relationship, in and out of drinking too much.” Then, her good friend Taylor Swift came along and offered her some life-changing advice. “Taylor said that you must sing about what’s happening in your life.” Swift’s encouragement enabled Welch to tackle her personal life in her last album, Ceremonials. “It’s about being honest. This could’ve been a breakup record, but it was much more about trying to understand myself.”

Taylor Swift


Photo: Dave J Hogan / Getty Images

The time she saved a fan’s life In 2013, a thirteen-year-old South African girl took to Taylor Swift’s fan forum and wrote a post entitled “Taylor Saved My Life . . .” The young girl explained how Swift’s songs became her personal anthem and enabled her to overcome all her struggles. “I just want you to know that you saved my life, you truly, honestly did and I swear if it wasn’t for you and your songs, I wouldn’t be alive today.” There’s even an entire Tumblr dedicated to stories about how Taylor Swift saved her fans’ lives. The time she became an international seatbelt spokesperson In 2014, Swift teamed up with Toyota to promote seatbelt safety. The campaign is geo-targeted to Asian countries, where the seatbelt rate is at only 25 percent. “So please,” Swift says in the video, “be safe and fasten your seatbelt.” The time Taylor’s music helped a man to lose more than 400 pounds Ronnie Brower reached his goal weight this month after dropping 425 pounds. How did he do it? With the help of his friend, Joe Bufano, and Taylor Swift’s music. Bufano said that the tunes inspired Brower to keep moving and elevated his mood. “The only thing that would give him the energy, or something to look forward to, during his deepest, darkest times were these upbeat songs. It kept him buying into life.”

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Weekend Entertainments From the Archives of The New York Times

The summer of 1970 included dashed plans for a Mountaindale Music Festival and screenings of “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” and “Patton.”
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Here Are Gifs Of All The Times Alicia And Kalinda Drank Together On ‘The Good Wife’

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the first six seasons of “The Good Wife,” up to and including the season 6 finale.

When the sixth season of “The Good Wife” came to a close on May 10, it marked the end of one of TV’s most powerful, complicated relationships: Kalicia. Up until this point of the marvelous show, attorney Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) and investigator Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) were alternately the best of friends and the bitterest of enemies. There were runs of episodes where they almost always shown together, and much longer runs where they were never in the same room. Gossip around Hollywood chalks the latter up to a vicious but completely mysterious fight between Margulies and Panjabi, which only makes the on-screen relationship between the two characters more fascinating.

Amidst all the turmoil, there was one thing you could count on with these two: They would drink. They loved drinking, a trait they share with several other powerful female protagonists on TV dramas.

So to commemorate their glorious friendship, The Huffington Post combed through six seasons of “The Good Wife” to find all the scenes where Kalicia drank together. Here they are.


The ritual began in the show’s pilot, meaning it predates even the appearance of such staple characters of the show as Eli Gold (Alan Cumming) and David Lee (Zach Grenier). That’s how integral it is to the show! In this first episode, Alicia and Kalinda work together to crack a difficult murder case involving a faked carjacking. After Alicia presents their killer evidence, and the jury goes out to deliberate, Kalinda tells her that it’s a Stern Lockhart & Gardner tradition for lawyers to take tequila shots after their first jury trial.


After Alicia takes her shot, Kalinda reveals that this was a trick: no such tradition exists. For a moment, it seems like Kalinda won’t drink her tequila. But then, of course, she does. Alicia smiles.


The next nine episodes feature lots of interactions between Alicia and Kalinda, but none of them involve alcohol, sadly. They don’t drink together again until the 11th episode. Even then, it’s not in a bar, but in a room in their office: they drink beer and eat kettle corn while watching TV news related to the two cases of the week.


In episode 14, though, Alicia and Kalinda hit the bar again, because they have some personal matters to discuss. (Glenn Childs has asked Kalinda to testify against Alicia’s husband Peter.) This time, Kalinda orders a dark beer…


…while Alicia drinks what looks like tequila again. But she sips it instead of shooting it.


This drinking session apparently goes well, because they go to another bar in episode 21. Alicia drinks what appears to be a martini with olives.


Kalinda gets another dark beer.


The very next episode, the second-to-last of season 1, opens with Alicia and Cary finding out that Alicia got the one full-time position they had been competing for all season. Kalinda waits for Alicia down the hall and, knowing that Alicia will likely feel crummy for beating out Cary, insists that they go to get drinks. They start by ordering two tequila shots in a row.


They keep drinking, as is evident from the plethora of glasses that accumulate on the bar top.


All that tequila gets them pretty wasted. A cute, younger guy hits on them, sending them into a giggle fit. He buys them yet another round of drinks.


These extra drinks send them into the truthbomb-dropping stage of drunkenness, prompting Alicia to ask Kalinda whether she’s a lesbian.

Kalinda refuses to answer, much to Alicia’s chagrin. But then a call to Alicia’s cell phone saves her. Will tells Alicia she has to go see a client, so she composes herself and goes to Colin Sweeney’s house, where she finds him handcuffed to a dead female body. Alicia maintains admirable composure, considering her inebriation. Close call!


Alicia and Kalinda next drink together in the sixth episode of season two, at an office party to celebrate a huge class action settlement. While drinking champagne, Alicia notes that Kalinda doesn’t look as happy as everyone else at the firm.


Just three episodes later, in “Nine Hours,” one of the best episodes of the entire series, Alicia and Kalinda work on a stressful death row case from Alicia’s apartment. At a particularly trying moment, Alicia grabs them two beers out of the fridge.


They drink them on Alicia’s bed. Slash fic alert!


They actually only visit a bar one time in the second season, in the 17th episode. They return to their beloved tequila shots.

A couple episodes later, Alicia discovers that Kalinda had slept with Peter, one time, many years ago, before they were friends. She’s completely furious. The revelation creates a rift between her and Peter — and, more importantly, between her and Kalinda. Throughout most of season 3, they only speak when work requires them to. Some have speculated that the real-life tiff between Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi first emerged around this time, though Margulies attributed the break to natural developments in the plot.


In any case, they finally drink together again in the final episode of season 3. Though it begins as a kind of “Parent Trap” situation — Cary invited them both to the same bar — they actually manage to have a bit of fun.


They even take tequila shots together!


This bar visit sets off something of a renaissance in their friendship. They visit bars three times in the first half of season 4. They sip red wine and whiskey in episode 6.


Cary joins them for some cocktails of an indeterminate nature in episode 9.


And then in episode 10, they go back to tequila shots. Kalinda is uncharacteristically late to the drinks in this episode, which worries Alicia.


When she shows up, a few minutes after Alicia takes her first shot, she reveals that the drama surrounding her relationship with her erratic husband is over. What exactly happened to him is unclear, though when Kalinda says there’s no chance of his ever returning, it’s hard not to suspect that she killed him. He was a jerk, though, so this is an occasion for tequila.


One of the sweetest of their drinks sessions comes in the next episode, when Alicia is staying at a remote hotel while waiting to be allowed to depose a key witness in a case. Kalinda brings her fresh clothes — and a bottle of red wine.


They lie in side-by-side beds glumly, chatting about this and that while drinking glasses of red wine. It’s cute. It seems like maybe they’re on track to be best friends again.

But then — nothing. In a big way.

Alicia and Kalinda see each other briefly in the next episode, but after that, don’t share a scene for more than two seasons after this hotel tryst. There’s no on-screen blowout to explain their bizarre separation, so this is when many (starting with Buzzfeed) speculated that Panjabi and Margulies got in some terrible fight. No one in the press has ever managed to figure out what transpired; it’s one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood.

Whatever happened, though — and something must have happened — it kept Alicia and Kalinda apart right up until the very end of season 6.


They sort of reunite in the season’s penultimate episode, after Kalinda has fled town to avoid being killed by Lemond Bishop, when Alicia thinks back to two times they’d met before. But the flashback scenes are either filmed in such a way that the two actresses may never have even been in the same room, or are repurposed footage from season 1. Fun fact, though: although this same tug-of-war over Alicia’s phone was shown in the drunken bar night in Season 1, Episode 22, the exact moment above is shot from two different camera angles in the two episodes.


In the season 6 finale, they finally reunite for real. Kalinda surprises Alicia at a bar just before she leaves town for good. She orders two tequila shots for old time’s sake.


Then, though, something curious happens: Most of the shots in the scene show only one of the two actresses clearly. For that reason, many people started to speculate that they hadn’t actually filmed most of it together.


On May 15, TVLine reported, based on some anonymous inside intel, that the scene had indeed been faked. The shots that show only one face clearly were filmed with body doubles filling in for the obscured actor, while Panjabi and Margulies filmed the shots that include both characters separately, and then the footage was merged together in post-production.


The fact that Panjabi and Margulies couldn’t overcome their rumored enmity even for a day of filming made the parting — likely the last time these two characters ever see each other, since Kalinda is now officially on the lam — even sadder. Kalicia is, or, was, a friendship for the ages. These drinking buddies will live in our hearts and livers forever. And we look forward to revisiting the early season heyday of their relationship many times to come.

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13 Times Taylor Swift And Kendrick Lamar Proved They’re A Musical Match Made In Heaven

Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift have been building towards ‘Bad Blood’ greatness. Here’s how.

12 Times Anna Kendrick Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

Anna Kendrick has been charming us for years during her interviews. From telling David Letterman when his cat toy looked phallic to giving advice on how to take the perfect naked selfie, she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

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10 Times Beyonce Was the Best Fashion Blogger on the Internet

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Cate Blanchett: I’ve Dated Women ‘Many Times’

Actress Cate Blanchett has revealed to Variety magazine that she has been in same-sex relationships “many times.”

The two-time Oscar winner was discussing her role as the title character in the upcoming film “Carol.” Based on the 1952 Patricia Highsmith novel “The Price of Salt,” the movie tells the story of a young department store clerk played by Rooney Mara who falls in love with the older, married Carol.

Variety reports:

When asked if this is her first turn as a lesbian, Blanchett curls her lips into a smile. “On film — or in real life?” she asks coyly. Pressed for details about whether she’s had past relationships with women, she responds: “Yes. Many times,” but doesn’t elaborate.

Blanchett and her husband, playwright Andrew Upton, have four children.

In the wide-ranging interview, the Australian actress also discussed the difficulty of bringing a film like “Carol” to the big screen.

“Midrange films with women at the center are tricky to finance,” she said. “There are a lot of people laboring under the misapprehension that people don’t want to see them, which isn’t true.”

Blanchett also revealed that she doesn’t watch her own movies, doesn’t Google herself and said she’ll never join Twitter.

“I think I’d end up in rehab,” she said. “That stuff is addictive.”

Read the full interview here.

“Carol” premieres on Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Louis Tomlinson — Once, Twice, Three Times a Player (PHOTOS)

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is easing back into bachelorhood … by hooking up with multiple chicks at once — or so it seemed when a pack of at least 3 went to his London hotel room.  Tomlinson was partying at Cirque Le Soir Wednesday…


TMZ Celebrity News for Party All The Time

5 Times The Olsens Totally Owned ’90s Trends On ‘Full House’

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wowed the fashion industry when they launched their refined ready-to-wear collection, The Row in 2006. Today, the line's languid cashmere dresses and mink-tipped coats are on par with the likes of…

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9 Times P!nk Proved That Every Woman Should Be Able To Define Herself

P!nk ain’t got no time for the haters.

Last week, pop star and all-around badass Alecia Moore (a.k.a. P!nk) shut down weight-shaming bullies on Twitter like a boss. After seeing some mean comments about her weight after an outing in Beverly Hills, the 35-year-old tweeted a perfect response:

From proposing to her husband to always being considered “butch,” P!nk has repeatedly broken down gender norms throughout her 15-year career. The singer/songwriter is no stranger to controversy after some rocky teenage years as child of divorce and a semi-volatile relationship with her husband Carey Hart. She’s repeatedly spoken out about gay rights, women’s rights and the power of being yourself.

P!nk is a fierce, strong and fiery woman who has paved her own path since day one of her celebrity status. She’s never apologized for being different and she’s definitely not about to start now. Here are nine P!nk quotes that prove every woman should be able to define who she is and where she’s going.


healthy and happy

appreciate being a girl



daughters fierceness


alive and feisty


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15 Times The Wire Actors Appeared In Rap Videos

If you peeped Snoop Dogg’s No. 1 video for this past week’s The Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos of the Week, then you would have peeped the friendly assist he got from Felicia “Snoop” Pearson throughout the swaggy visual.

She’s not the first Wire alum to help a Hip-Hop star achieve greatness in the music video. Check out all these incredible cameos that we dug up over the years.


And just a FYI, we didn’t troll you with any Method Man picks.

Photos: VEVO

The post 15 Times The Wire Actors Appeared In Rap Videos appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

Finding Family: Stories Of Families Reunited After Times Of War

The relationship forged between parent and child or brother and sister can be impenetrable. It has the ability to stitch up a broken heart and remain a strong line over decades and hundreds of miles. War, on the other hand, divides and separates communities both philosophically and physically and tests these familial bonds. But the ties of a family transcend war and through trying times remain intact no matter the challenges it has endured.

We’ve partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures’ “The Water Diviner” — a story about a father’s search for his sons after the historic World War I Battle of Gallipoli — to bring you stories of families reunited years after war pulled them apart.

Father and son survive civil war
Torn apart by genocide in Rwanda, Jean Bosco Ngwabije and his father, Karoli Kanyengano, were rejoined by the organization Concern Worldwide. The group has taken in numerous unaccompanied children in the region, including Ngwabije. Witnessing the horrible violence that spread throughout the area during the 1990s, both father and son feared and eventually accepted that their family likely had not survived. Ngwabije had even been told that someone had seen his father killed. However, in the wake of the genocide, Kanyengano began tirelessly wandering the city of Kigali, looking for his family. Concern Worldwide was able to track down Kanyengano and bring together father and son three years after the war pulled them from their family. Now, the two live next door to one another, perhaps signifying a promise to never again be apart.
jean bosco and fatehr

Surviving the Holocaust and finding family
Born with the last name Shlomowicz in Warsaw, Poland, brother and sister Beniamin Shilon and Rozia November survived one of the most horrific events in world history. Shilon was a young man attending school in what was then Pinsk when — anticipating the potential danger all Jews faced — posed as a Russian and joined the Soviet army. Back in Poland, November was sent to Auschwitz when she was 13 years old. Shilon was convinced his sister had died with the millions of other Jews tortured and killed in the Holocaust. Yet she survived and eventually immigrated to Israel. Coincidentally, so did Shilon less than a decade later. On a 2003 family trip to Israel’s Holocaust memorial authority, November discovered in its records that her brother was in fact alive and living less than two hours away. On the first night of Hanukkah, November’s great grandson called Shilon. After he confirmed Shilon was his great uncle, he handed the phone to November. The two siblings affectionately known to many as “Bennie and Rozia” talked for the first time in more than 60 years.

A “Lost Boy” finds his family
Peter Kuch was one of the many Sudanese children whom the media labeled as “the lost boys of Sudan.” During the late 1980s, civil war erupted in Sudan and Kuch — along with thousands of other children — wandered the desert to flee the violence. Kuch was only 8 years old when he was separated from his family and left unsure whether any of them were alive. Kuch was one of very few lost boys to not only survive the strife but also sent to resettle in in the United States to have a better life. Years later he became a sergeant in the U.S. Army, as a way to give back to the country he felt gave him a second chance. In 2003, he found out his parents were miraculously still alive and living in Uganda. Earlier this year, Kuch was given a brief leave from the Army and made the trip to Uganda to see his mother and father for the first time after 27 years apart. His mother was so moved that she fainted in his arms. Kuch now calls the U.S. home but promises to take care of his parents for the rest of their lives.

Left behind in Laos
While armed conflict was raging on in neighboring Vietnam, Laotians were fighting a similar civil war at home. Like Vietnam, Laos experienced a mass exodus of citizens fleeing from the communist regime closely related to the North Vietnamese. Xiong Nhia Yang was 6 years old when he and most of his family left. However, his teenage sister, Sua, had been wounded by gunfire, forcing their father to make the painful decision to leave her behind. After 50 years, a relative successfully located Sua in southern Laos. Sua then traveled to Minnesota, where she embraced her younger brother for the first time since 1964.
laos civil war

British siblings separated
Rose Burleigh and John Stubbs were split apart after their mother passed away in 1941. Because their father was a prisoner of war in World War II, an aunt adopted Burleigh, and Stubbs was sent to live with their grandparents. When their father was freed and returned home, he successfully retrieved Stubbs, but Burleigh’s adoptive family insisted on keeping her. Stubbs was raised by their father, and Burleigh led a life without her biological father and brother. After Burleigh’s family started digging into her genealogy and they uncovered the existence of Stubbs, the search began to find him. After 75 years apart, brother and sister were reunited at a BBC office. Both emotional over finding one another, Stubbs responded to his sister’s tears, saying, “Be calm. You’re with your brother, now. I’ll look after you.”

Finding family is the theme of the film, “The Water Diviner.” Academy Award winner Russell Crowe (“Gladiator”) makes his directorial debut in this epic and inspiring tale of one man’s life-changing journey of discovery as he travels from his home in Australia to Turkey to find his three sons after they went missing in action during the infamous Battle of Gallipoli in World War I, a battle that claimed the lives of many Australians and Kiwis fighting for Great Britain. “The Water Diviner” is in theaters April 24.

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A look back at happier times as Bobbi Kristina turns 22

As the troubled celebrity offspring’s birthday arrives, TheWrap looks back at happier times with her parents
News, reviews, interviews and more for top artists and albums – MSN Music
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Don’t You Forget About ‘The Breakfast Club’: 22 Times Pop Culture Paid Tribute To The ’80s Classic

It’s been three decades since “The Breakfast Club” was released, and the ’80s classic continues to live on.

Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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40something Reluctantly Joins Plenty Of Fish Dating Site, Enters ‘Big Bang’ Territory – LA Times

Throwing a line into the cyber-fishing pond for a date on a Friday night is as scary as it is (too) easy. I signed up on the dating site Plenty of Fish last year, and while I had my doubts, I was still optimistic about finding my soul mate — otherwise, why do it at all? Just because I’m on the slippery side of 45 doesn’t mean it’s all over for me.
Divorce – The Huffington Post

Need to File for a Divorce!

This Incredible Acrobatic Couple Is Getting Married 38 Times In 83 Days On 6 Continents

Many starry-eyed marriage proposals promise the world.

Cheetah Platt, 30, and Rhian Woodyard, 32, are actually following through on that promise.

Instead of spending their money on an elaborate wedding ceremony, the Los Angeles couple decided they’d rather start their lives together by traveling the world, holding 38 wedding ceremonies along the way. For less than $ 3,000 apiece, the two — both acrobats — planned out an impressive itinerary spanning 83 days and 11 countries.

ajanta caves cheetah platt

The Ajanta Caves – Thana, India

“We live in California, which is a very expensive state,” Platt told The Huffington Post, explaining how they transitioned from the idea of a traditional ceremony to what they’ve come to call a “worldwide wedding.” “And weddings? Oh they’re a lot of money. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money for a single day.”

The two anguished over the particulars of a wedding, then realized after “a lot, a lot of planning and preparation” that they could both get ordained online and marry themselves for free all over the world instead. “Not only is this possible,” said Platt, “but oddly enough — it’s more affordable.”

“I really want people to know that this wedding, three months around the world with unbelievable adventures… is cheaper than throwing a good — not even a ‘great,’ not even an ‘epic’ — just a good wedding in California for one day.”

Given the scope of this adventure, surely the two traveled often prior to this?

“No,” says Platt. “Absolutely not.”

While Platt’s job has taken him to international spots, and he considers himself well-traveled, Woodyard says she’s “the complete opposite.”

“I have been to three states,” she says, laughing. “I have never traveled before at all, so something else that inspired this wedding was the fact that Cheetah could give me this amazing experience at the same time, and we could learn about each other.”

The two struggled to pin down the highlights of their trip so far, given that everywhere they’ve been has been amazing and full of so many “firsts” for Woodyard. That list includes everything from seeing the Great Pyramids to Woodyards first time riding a subway.

“I’ve taken quite a few photos,” she added.

giza egypt wedding

Giza, Egypt

For Platt, two standouts have been getting married in front of the pyramids in Giza, and seeing a cheetah (his namesake) on the savannah in Africa. Woodyard’s most memorable part so far has been exploring the Ellora and Ajanta Caves in India. At the time of their interview with HuffPost, they’d only just arrived in Thailand, with plenty more to see.

They emphasized that flexibility in where they wanted to go, and at what times, has saved them lots of money on their around-the-world journey, which started in Bogota, Colombia, in early February.

“We really chose everything based on price, because everything was going to be amazing,” said Woodyard. “It didn’t matter so much where we went — it mattered that we went.”

When they finally return home, they’ll have one last (and legally binding) ceremony, with their family and friends. “That’s huge,” says Platt, “that’s so important.”

For their honeymoon (remember: this trip is their wedding), the couple says they don’t have plans yet, but it could be anything from a weekend trip to northern California to another three-month international adventure.

As you’d expect, the photos are amazing. And did we mention they’re both acrobats?

For more information, check out the couple on Facebook and Twitter, or help contribute financially to the trip here, via Honeyfund.

See some of their incredible photos below, all taken by the couple themselves:

Style – The Huffington Post
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Apple Fans Demand Other Products They Can Feel Directly Against Skin At All Times

SAN FRANCISCO—Following Monday’s unveiling of the highly anticipated Apple Watch, fans of Apple across the nation reportedly called on the company to manufacture more products that they can feel pressed against their skin at all times.

The Onion

All The Times Vulnerable ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Had Their Guards Up, In One Video

And the final rose goes to: Whitney!

During this fairytale season of “The Bachelor,” guards** were let down as vulnerable contestants — who were there for the right reasons — competed to win the heart of their potential future husband, Chris. For Kaitlyn, whose guard** was a topic of constant conversation, Prince Farming was not The One. For Britt, who was woken up in the most vulnerable way, Arlington, Iowa was not in her future. Here’s hoping Kaitlyn and Britt will finally let their guards** down next season on “The Bachelorette!”

**HuffPost Women has yet to confirm what a guard actually is, and how one goes about letting said guard up or down. We feel really vulnerable without this knowledge.

Video produced by Ben Craw
Comedy – The Huffington Post
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10 Times Luxury Brands Swagger Jacked Classic Sneakers [Photos]

As Nas once said, “No idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun.” That idea, in some ways, rings true in fashion — especially in the increasingly popular luxury sneaker game.

After noticing that the upcoming adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts bear an uncanny resemblance to a shoe the company Kanye West previously worked with creates, Hip-Hop Wired decided list it and a bevy of other kicks with swagger jacked designs. Hit the jump for more.

Photo: Saint Laurent Paris

The post 10 Times Luxury Brands Swagger Jacked Classic Sneakers [Photos] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

12 Hilarious Times Martin Insulted Pam

Few shows were as underrated and drew as many laughs as Martin during its run from 1992 through 1997. The camaraderie, the comedy, and the chemistry between Martin and Gina kept viewers coming back.

Martin vs. Pam

Photo: You Go Boy! Productions/HBO Independent Productions

But the criminally underrated one-upmanship between Martin and Pam was consistently hilarious. Pam managed to get in a some good shots when Martin wasn’t joking on her buckshots or saying her breath smelled like old bus seats. In honor of a classic show, we revisit 12 hilarious times Martin insulted Pam.

Photo: You Go Boy! Productions/HBO Independent Productions

The post 12 Hilarious Times Martin Insulted Pam appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

10 Times Mean Girls Quotes Directly Applied to Motherhood

Cady. Regina. Gretchin. Karen.

We all know who they are.

But that was, like, 11 years ago. (I know, right? So last season.) Now, The Plastics are old enough to have squeezed out a few babies, bought Escalades and signed up for personal trainers while the kids are with the nanny.

Even though they’re no longer the Queen Bees of North Shore High School, their words live on. And you know what?

They totally apply to motherhood.

1. “The limit does not exist.”

Oh, you’re tired? You’ve been up for two days straight and all the kids have stomach flu? What’s that, you’ve reached your limit? HA! This is motherhood. “The limit” does not exist.

2. “It’s like I have ESPN or something.”

I can’t tell the weather with my boobs, but I totally know that my kid is pooping by the way he is frozen in the corner, hiding behind a bookshelf. And I know when he needs a nap when he’s screaming bloody murder while rolling around on the playground. It’s like I have ESPN or something.

3. “You can’t just ask someone why they’re white.”

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to start a family. Stop asking crazy questions.

4. “Don’t have sex. You will get pregnant and die.”

Pretty much.

5. “I can’t help that I’ve got a heavy flow and a wide-set vagina.”

Disgusting things happen. Thank you, childbirth.

6. “Did you see nipple? It only counts if you saw nipple!”

This is actually, literally Facebook’s breastfeeding picture policy. Did you see nipple? Then you can’t report me. HAHAHAHA!!!!

7. “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.”

I usually give my kids organic homegrown everything from a juicer. I swear. (I’m lying.)

8. “I like invented her, you know what I mean?!”

That’s right. I birthed that little punk, so she better get in line. I brought her into this world…

9. “I used to just think there was fat and skinny. But apparently, there are lots of things that can be wrong with your body.”

Chin hairs, stretch marks, bladder leakage. Who cares about baby weight, I feel like Shrek!

10. “I’m a cool mom.”

Wait, this doesn’t apply. Cool Mom isn’t even a thing… In fact, it’s a total oxymoron.


Oh, you thought you were done with Mean Girls? Think again. Motherhood is its own high school lunchroom, and equally hard to navigate. The good news is when you become a mom, you are automatically upgraded to Queen Bee. (The kids are just our little workers). So hop in, biotch. We are going to the playground. And by the way…

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

This post originally appeared on Mom Babble.

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5 Times Rappers Proved They Could Do More Than Rap: See who made the crossover from music to TV

5 Times Rappers Proved They Could Do More Than Rap: See who made the crossover from music to TVRead how these hip-hop stars rapped their way from the music world onto the CBS lot. 

Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Patrick Dempsey & Wife In Happier Times

We take a look back at the 15-year marriage of Patrick Dempsey and wife Jillian, who announced their plans to divorce on January 23, 2015.

Access Hollywood Latest Photos

Taylor Negron Dead at 57: Actor and Comedian Appeared in Easy Money, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and More

Taylor NegronVeteran actor and comedian Taylor Negron has died after a long battle with cancer, multiple sources confirm to Deadline. He was 57.

Taylor’s cousin and Three Dog Night member…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories
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10 Times We Cried During Parenthood’s Gut-Wrenching 100th Episode

Parenthood, 100th EpisodePhew.

Many boxes of Kleenex and several glasses of wine later, we made it out alive, fellow Parenthood fans. And so did Zeek (Craig T. Nelson).

Heading into the NBC drama’s…

E! Online (US) – Top Stories
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Times Square Live Stream: Watch the Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve

All of the festivities from the annual celebration in New York

read more

Hollywood Reporter

Here’s to the Good Times – Florida Georgia Line

Florida Georgia Line - Here's to the Good Times  artwork

Here’s to the Good Times

Florida Georgia Line

Genre: Country

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: December 4, 2012

© ℗ 2012 Universal Republic Nashville Records

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Country

Kill Me Three Times Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Simon Pegg Movie HD

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Kill Me Three Times Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Simon Pegg Movie HD

A mercurial assassin (Simon Pegg) discovers he isn’t the only person trying to kill the siren (Alice Braga) of a sun-drenched surfing town. In this darkly comedic thriller, the hitman finds himself unravelling three tales of mayhem, murder, blackmail and revenge.

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Girlfriends In Times Square

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Stars: Lavender Kelly

Categories: High Definition All Girl All Sex Lesbian Amateur

Scene Number: 3

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Double D Productions

Amateur Pay Per View

11 Times North Korea Was the Bad Guy in Movies and TV Shows

‘The Interview’ is just following in the footsteps of ’30 Rock,’ ‘South Park,’ ‘Team America’ and more


Paper Weight: 8 Times Beyoncé Got Sued [Photos]

Beyoncé gets sued a lot.

Beyonce Knowles

The post Paper Weight: 8 Times Beyoncé Got Sued [Photos] appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

Hip-Hop Wired

61 Times Taylor Swift (A.K.A. Slaylor Swift) Slayed The VMAs

Taylor Swift will perform at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, and she will no doubt slay. Don’t believe us? Let’s review every piece of slayage evidence!

Giuliana and Bill Rancic Talk Miscarriage: “Challenging Times Will Bring You Closer Together in a Marriage”

Bill Rancic, Giuliana RancicGiuliana and Bill Rancic have had their fair share of troubles, and recently, the pair had to deal with some devastating news—the couple has revealed that their surrogate Delphine has…

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Remembering ‘New York Times’ Giant Arthur Gelb

“A FAMILY can only develop with a loving woman at its center,” said the German writer Karl Wilhelm Fredrich Schlegel.

Kris Jenner, mater familias to the Kardashians, surely has that bromide embroidered on a pillow.

•I WANTED to wait until we all recovered from the excitement of it. Oh, come on, don’t say “What do you mean ‘it?'” You know I mean the lifelong nuptials of lovely working girl Kim Kardashian and musician Kanye West in Italy over the weekend. (Kanye rarely cracks a smile. That’s because he’s always thinking real hard about his brilliant music.)

Many “regular” people were involved, in one way or another, with their Memorial Day celebrations — barbecues or somber recollections of veterans who have given so much to this country. So Kim and Kanye’s wedding didn’t get quite the coverage it might have otherwise.

This is a crime! Two of the most exciting and talented and all-around nifty people getting married. The world should have stopped spinning a bit. Or altogether!

Two events of note. Rob Kardashian, the only member of the family who seems to be kind of ashamed of his relatives, fled Italy before Kim and Kanye tied that “forever knot.” Too bad. He missed Kanye speechifying at the wedding dinner. (Rob, he referred to your family as “the most remarkable people in the world.”)

I have to agree. Why they are remarkable, I can’t really say. Honest, I just can’t!

It’s too late for me now to be really bitchy about people in love and getting married

•THE death of the New York Times’ wide-ranging editor Arthur Gelb recently leaves many memories. (He was, with his wife Barbara, the premier historian on the works of playwright Eugene O’Neill with a 3rd volume to be published next year under the title By Women Possessed.)

It was under the autocratic, but privately charming Times head man Abe Rosenthal, that Arthur Gelb flourished and worked like a demon all his life.

I recall being out with the Rosenthals and Arthur one night and Abe suggested we go to Elaine’s “to see what’s going on there.” Arthur began to lecture me in the car, asking why did I always “pick on” the Times’ drama critic Frank Rich and give him such a hard time about the hard time he was giving Broadway?!

I was about to answer Arthur that if I picked on Frank, it was because he was so powerful and smart and had so much power that often his reviews just shut down many efforts that I thought deserved more of a chance to be seen.

But Abe, whose word was law, decided to defend me. He remonstrated with Arthur: “Now leave Liz alone!” She has a right to her column opinion just as Frank has a right to his. The Times is only enhanced by its critics. We are everybody’s target and Liz speaks for the public, as she should!”

After that, Arthur, to whom Abe was law, became my new best friend and he remained faithful until his recent death. But he had a favorite columnist in the Washington columnist Maureen Dowd. He worshipped her and he decided never to rest till the two of us met.

Poor Maureen had to give in and we have had a cursory, but amusing relationship ever since.

Through the years I always found my professional friendships at the New York Times to be valuable and interesting. Occasionally, I free-lanced entertainment articles for the Times and there was one brief moment when the Times seemed to lower its standards to talk about a gossip column. “I don’t believe you could take it even if offered,” said Arthur…”you make too much money to live on a Times salary.” As there was nothing to all this talk I just laughed. Nobody has admired the Times both from afar and up close as I have. I even went on to realize what a jerk I was to criticize Frank Rich. Today, I know he is one of the most brilliant analyzers around.

And then I always give thanks to the spirit of Arthur Gelb who gave me such an unparalleled vision of Maureen Dowd. He called her “one of the smartest women in the world.”

•I recall telling Arthur that the New York Times building in Times Square was not virgin territory to me. “I used to eat in your cafeteria every Sunday night.” Arthur, amazed, asked Why? “Well, I was working to stay alive in three different jobs and one was as a proofreader for Newsweek on Sundays. We were near the Times and went in a gang every time to eat in your cafeteria. It was very cheap.”

Arthur was aghast. The Times feeding people from its enemy, Newsweek? Well, I reminded him, it was before terrorism and they never asked for i.d.

Later, when the Peter O’Toole movie, My Favorite Year came out, about the early days of TV, I said to my movie companion over the credits, “This is about the 50’s!” He said, “How can you tell?”

I said “There are no guards on the elevators in the RCA building. Anyone can get in and go up.”

Ah, the good old simple days.

•HERE’S an example of how celebrity and fame have changed somewhat. Famous multi-millionaire movie director with multiple homes and scads of well-known friends and admirers. Not married. Does he surround himself with his now VIP friends and old acquaintances? No, he sees them occasionally.

His real life circulates around a group of people he has hired to work with him. He is with them virtually night and day. He spends every weekend calling them when he gets up and going to the movies with them and eating three meals a day with them. They are aspiring directors, producers and screenwriters themselves. They talk movies and pop culture and politics on which all of them agree. Each is paid a handsome salary just for the privilege of being around him. They love him but there is no question they are a paid entourage and they seldom have much time for their own private lives otherwise. They travel with him and there is more than one of them at a time.

His close friends understand this; he feels happier with these young people he hires than he does with his peers. He can relax around these employees who he sincerely feels are his close pals. Sex is not involved in this equation as he can get that anytime he wants to bother.

•SPRING IS here — if only for a minute. Be happy. Make the most of it.
Entertainment – The Huffington Post
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About Me

26 year old, Big Beautiful Woman. Looking for a fling, intimate encounter (620) 81314433250, YM id justasilly1

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You HAVE TO BE circumcised, athletic if not work out regularly, a gentleman, disease free, communicative, have a sexy voice.

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11 Times This Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Wasn’t Supposed To Turn You On (But Did Anyway)

“Game of Thrones” is one of the raciest shows on television, but the sexy undertones in these eleven moments were probably not what producers intended.

First Listen: Jeremiah Jae, ‘Good Times’

For a hip-hop artist who eschews commercial rap stereotypes and clichés in favor of thornier writing, the challenge is to do so without being a bore — Jeremiah Jae does this well.

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8 Times Your Mom Was Totally Right About Your Love Life

There was a time when anything your mother said to you resulted in an eye roll and a petulant “But Mom!” whine. But now that you’re a little older (and not living under her roof), you’ve suddenly realized she knew exactly what she was talking about all along. Here are eight things Mom told you about dating that she was totally right about.

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First Listen: Jeremiah Jae, 'Good Times'

For a hip-hop artist who eschews commercial rap stereotypes and clichés in favor of thornier writing, the challenge is to do so without being a bore — Jeremiah Jae does this well.

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Needs Some Good Strong Weiner In Her Butt At All Times

Brooke Haven is one of the most well-known pornstars in the porn industry. She was born in Tempe, Arizona during 1979 and was raised in Sonora, California. She weighs 118 pounds and she is 5 feet, 2 inches tall. Her curvy natural measurements are 34D-28-31 and she has the kind of rump fans adore! A mix of Irish, Italian and Venezuelan descent, growing up Brooke always had an eye toward the sensual side of life. Brooke Haven discovered her sexual side about a year before she began dancing, which was right after school. She also realized that she liked women and had her first sexual experience with a chick during school. Brooke Haven lived in Sonora until the age of 19 and then moved to San Francisco to pursue her stripping career. After stripping for nearly four years at a club called Déjà vu, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona and continued her stripping career there. While in Phoenix, she met future centerfold Lexi Marie and the two did a layout together for Smut magazine. After that, Brooke Haven landed a gig working at the adult convention Erotica LA in Los Angeles where she began making contacts in the porn industry. Lexi Marie introduced Brooke Haven to the talent agency LA Direct Girls and she did her first on-screen sex vid at 24 years old in October of 2004. It was a lesbo vid with Nyomi Marcella for a website. Her first on camera sex movie with a dude and her first backdoor flick was with Kurt Lockwood. Her first double penetration was with Ben English and Manuel Ferrara. It didn’t take long for Brooke to get all of her holes used in passionate action by a variety of costars! When she first got into the business, she was about 30 pounds heavier, so it took some time for her to get noticed. In the beginning, Brooke Haven was the tramp who producers called when their leading pornstar failed to show up for work, but that all changed when Brooke Haven started to take better care of herself and began losing the weight. Since then, Brooke Haven has performed in more than 370 HARD CORE porn clips for companies such as Vid, Wicked Pictures, Moist Entertainment, Zero Tolerance, New Sensations and many others. She has also graced the covers of numerous DVD covers. After struggling with her weight for many years, Brooke Haven achieved a new level of fitness and was really excited when she saw herself on her very first box cover. It was for the clip “Jizz Guzzlers #10” and at the time, she thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Allegedly, she had copies of the box sent to all of her friends. There were several times, however, that Brooke Haven thought she was going to be on the box cover and it turned out to be someone else. Being the professional that she is, Brooke Haven learns from those experiences and vowed to work even harder on the next production. Brooke Haven has a list of male talent that she enjoys working with such as Nick Manning, Mark Davis, Ben English and Alex Sanders. To make it on her list, the men need to have a good attitude, be professional and have good hygiene. For her, looks aren’t a giant deal, as long as the men are reputable. After two year in the business working as a blonde, Brooke Haven changed her look drastically in December of 2006. She colored her hair black because she felt she needed to reinvent herself. The move paid off and the companies she worked with in the past and some news ones came calling. They loved her new ebony locks and wanted to film her in action. Over the years, she has learned to take her time and not rush into doing everything right away. She believes it’s important to hold out on some things so that you don’t get overexposed and you can also extend your porn career. She feels if she holds off on doing some things, like interracial; she will be more in demand. Brooke Haven loves the porn business not only because of all the attention she gets, but also because of all the great relationships she has developed with her co-workers, other talent and directors. She feels that they are like her family that looks out for each other. Brooke Haven takes her PASSIONATE job extremely seriously and works hard to build a solid reputation in the industry. She wants to be known as someone who is reliable, hard-working and dedicated to her career. In 2008, she won the FAME Award for Favorite Underrated Star. However, that same year, she stopped performing anal sex on camera and also announced that she will only perform in lesbo scenes. She explained her decision saying that she loves women and requires to focus only on dyke clips because she knows how to bring out the vid’s intensity, but studio executives worried the decision would cost her fans who had come to enjoy her unique hardcore qualities on camera. Some of her favorite porn companies to work for include Acid Rain because their sets are always professional. She also enjoys working for bigger companies such as Vivid, Wicked and Digital Playground, just because they are the biggest companies in porn and she always likes being on their flick DVD box covers. As far as gonzo companies, she prefers Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree, also because of their professionalism. In 2011, Brooke Haven began appearing in several mainstream films and television shows. She made her clip debut in the mainstream horror film “Detention.” She’s also appeared in several sketch comedies and had a cameo in the comedy film “Hollywood Sex Wars.” Haven has also begun directing her own porn flicks and she is under a non-exclusive contract with the studio Vicious Media. Brooke would like to launch her own production company called Brook Haven Productions, filming and booking the talent herself, but she has found that the business side of slinging porn includes many challenges, just like the on camera side of the business wants top performers to overcome. You can see Brooke Haven in dozens of her best free porn movie tube showings right here on along with plenty of picture sets. If she ever does get that studio off the ground, you can bet will look into adding those sexy new features from this world class star as well!

Anal / Ass Porn

Girlfriends In Times Square

Girlfriends In Times Square cover

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Stars: Lavender Kelly

Categories: High Definition All Girl All Sex Lesbian Amateur

Scene Number: 3

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Double D Productions

Lesbian Pay Per View

Girlfriends In Times Square

Girlfriends In Times Square cover

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Stars: Lavender Kelly

Categories: High Definition All Girl All Sex Lesbian Amateur

Scene Number: 3

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Double D Productions

Amateur Pay Per View

Girlfriends In Times Square

Girlfriends In Times Square cover

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

They Came to the City that Never Sleeps and Spent the Whole Time in Bed.

Stars: Lavender Kelly

Categories: High Definition All Girl All Sex Lesbian Amateur

Scene Number: 3

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Double D Productions

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